Tattoo of the zodiac sign Scorpio

Tattoo of the sign of the scorpion is best suited for people born under this constellation – in the period from October 21 to November 20. Tattoo does not have an unambiguous interpretation, and this is due not only to the diversity of world culture and the variety of myths, but also to the peculiarities of the nature of scorpions. Astrologers believe that people born under this sign can be both pleasant conversationalists and generally open and kind personalities, and absolutely insufferable and aggressive.

Scorpio in history and astrology

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Its patrons are considered to be the planets Mars and Pluto, what is associated with the association of the animal tattoo with aggression, strength and determination. However, this sign belongs to the element of water. This indicates its variability, softness. The symbol of the zodiac sign looks like a small sharp letter m with an arrow at the end.

The significance of the scorpion is important not only in astrology, but also for ancient people. With the Greeks this animal was considered a symbol of eternal life, and in the Bible he always came out the winner in battles. Achieved success at all costs. In ancient Egypt, girls prayed to the god of scorpions at the time of birth – according to the legend, it helped ease the pain. The Buddhists consider the animal a protector and aide in military affairs, it is depicted on the handles of swords and banners.

The meaning of the tattoo sign of the scorpion

Tattoo with the sign of the zodiac scorpion has different meanings. It largely depends on what exactly the elements of the sketch are best traced, what colors are used and, in general, what sense the man himself puts into this picture. For example, if the brightest of all looks sting, the owner wants to portray his fearlessness, willingness to fight adversity.

A tattoo depicting a scorpion is often inscribed on the military, who served in the hot spots. The sting protruding upwards symbolizes participation in hostilities.

It should be noted tattoo with the sign of the zodiac scorpion that the picture often has several different meanings. So the sketch can symbolize death, but at the same time and the transformation or transition to the better. This meaning is associated with ancient Greek myths and beliefs.

The symbol of the scorpion in the tattoo is also used to symbolize sensuality, willfulness. Usually the picture with this animal is chosen by people with high feelings, noble. Sometimes the tattoo can mean devotion to someone or something, especially if it is a betrayal by a loved one. So the sketch is also sometimes associated with loneliness.For girls, the zodiac sign scorpion tattoo is often a symbol of calm strength. Women as if they want to convey the idea that despite its fragility and tenderness, they are ready to fight for a place under the sun to the end. The tattoo also symbolizes self-confidence, purposefulness.

Tattoo with the sign of the zodiac scorpion can have a positive impact on the life of the owner of the drawing on the body. The image will become a personal talisman that will protect against evil people and negative influences. It will also give you peace of mind, help you achieve your goals and look to the future clearly. According to some accounts, the tattoo can even improve intuition.

It is believed that the tattoo can affect sexual relationships as well. Tattoo with the sign of the scorpion will make its owner more passionate, sensual and sensitive, will focus the sexual energy on the important details.

Especially and meaning in astrology. The constellation of the scorpion in the tattoo for astrologers acts as a sign of excruciating and irrepressible passion.

The figure can also be a symbol of fearlessness and resilience. The owner of such a tattoo will easily cope with any troubles of life and survive any problems.

zodiac sign Scorpio

Where to stuff the picture?

Tattoo with the scorpion symbol will look best on the neck or wrist, as well as under the chest or collarbone (in girls). If you want to supplement the tattoo image of the animal, pay attention to the areas of the body where there is more room for a large-scale sketch – the back, shoulders, calves.

It is believed that an extremely positive place for a tattoo with a scorpion is the abdomen. In this location, the tattoo will have the most positive effect on a person’s life, truly becoming his or her amulet.

The constellation scorpion tattoo looks best on the ribs, feet and shoulder blades.

Colors and styles

According to the photo of the zodiac scorpion tattoo, we can see that it is most often depicted in black. If the sketch is designed in realism, it is possible to include other natural shades. In addition to black, red and blue colors are often used.

Scorpion is traditionally often depicted in the black tradition, as well as in the styles of tribal, Celtic or blackwork. This familiar sketch looks original in modern techniques – neotradishinale, thrash polka, dotwork.

Tattoo for girls and guys

The zodiac sign scorpion tattoo is equally popular with both women and men. Guys prefer to get a tattoo in black, especially on the shoulder, shoulder blade or shin. Girls more often depict the tattoo below the abdomen or on the lower back, which symbolizes femininity, tenderness and hidden power.

According to the photo of the sign of the scorpion tattoo, we can see that women and men often choose the same or a similar sketch. From this we can conclude that the tattoo has no gender and its meaning is the same for both girls and guys.

Scorpion and other elements

Scorpion looks quite self-sufficient, so it is rarely complemented by other elements. Girls occasionally decorate the tail of the animal with a floral ornament, but even this option does not occur often. The symbol of the zodiac sign can be combined with the inscription Scorpius (from Latin – “scorpion”), the image of the constellation, other aquatic animals and other details.

Tattoo sign of a scorpion is not just an indication of the date of birth, it is your companion and even guide in life. If you treat responsibly to the choice of the sketch and the master, the tattoo will become your talisman, give you good luck and happiness.