All about snowflake tattoos

For most people snowflake is inextricably linked with the image of the inaccessible Snow Queen, the heroes of fairy tales “Snow Maiden”, “Twelve Months” and “Frosty”. Snowflakes often dress up girls for the New Year. However, this image can also be applied in tattoo art.

The meaning of

The human subconscious draws parallels between the symbolism of the snowflake and the image of the Snow Queen – a hard-hearted beauty, the lord of cold and ice. That is why it may seem that the tattoo in the form of snowflakes represents arrogance, spiritual emptiness and inaccessibility. However, this is a misconception – the intricate designs of snowflakes are made up of geometric shapes, each of which carries deep sacred meaning.

All people love it when the snow falls gently on the ground. At first sight, it may seem that all snowflakes look exactly the same. However, if you look closely, their difference will be obvious, each of them has its own unique ornament. Therefore, and tattoo can indicate the uniqueness and individuality.

In ancient times, many peoples associated the falling snow with a symbol of mental purity, detachment and the cycle of rebirth. Just think about it – little snowflakes begin to appear in the sky, slowly fall to the ground and there they melt from the heat. But this process lasts from year to year, so the image of the snowflake is closely intertwined with the motifs of the embodiment of fading and its subsequent rebirth. It is possible that modern owners of such a tattoo on the body associate it with the cults of the ancient Slavs and Celts. By this sign they try to protect themselves and their loved ones from trouble, misfortune and disease.

The most popular belief is that the “snowflake” tattoo refers to solar symbolism, which shows the mystery of creation and the very existence of the universe. In some chronicles there is a reference to the Slavic sign of the Sun in the form of a complex swastika – our ancestors used it as an amulet. These signs were often portrayed on the walls of homes, window frames and roof ridges – people believed that after this, there would be happiness in the house. It was also believed that a tattoo in the form of a complicated swastika on the palm would necessarily attract in the life of its owner success in love and finances.

Nowadays, the snow evokes associations with New Year’s and Christmas holidays. Its image is deeply symbolic – here we can draw parallels with angels, who cover the tired earth with a snow-white blanket, bringing peace, tranquility and comfort to the world.

There is another interpretation: some people forget that even the coldest heart can be melted by sincere participation and warmth. Many people with such a tattoo are disappointed in those around them, stopped trusting them after a large number of mistakes. From the outside, they may seem to others restrained, aloof and icy. But this is nothing more than a mask, a shell they put on themselves to protect their inner world from new insults and disappointments.

It is difficult to give an exact characteristic of a person with such a tattoo, but in the most general terms you can get a brief description.

These people are mostly introverts. They do not like the excessive attention from others, they do not like noisy parties. Outwardly, their life resembles a static existence, but often in their head to create whole universes and parallel worlds.

Stuffed snowflake can both boys and girls. In any case, with this symbol, a person demonstrates the depth of the soul world. Many psychologists argue that a mental rebirth is typical for these people – in this case we are talking about the ability of a person to break existing stereotypes, learn new things and dramatically change their destiny.

Overview of types

When choosing a sketch for padding on the skin, symmetrical figures with precise geometry are the most in demand. This is the secret of the success of tattoo with snowflakes – their image evokes the most pleasant emotions.

Snowflakes on the skin can be performed in different shades. Most often it is white, and also half-tones of blue and purple. A little less often masters use black ink.

Very stylish look tattoo with ice crystals, they resemble the ethnic decor. These can be ancient Slavic or Scythian subjects, although the most widespread are ancient Celtic snowflakes: the images in them conceal a deep sacred meaning. Such a snowflake symbolizes the circle of life and life in general.

Snowflakes can be printed on the body in a variety of styles. They look most harmoniously in the techniques of geometry, linework and Dotwork, less often ornamental is used. The most professional masters perform the work in a realistic manner – such plots resemble the image of a snowflake, magnified many times under a microscope. This is a very fine and skillful work, comparable to jewelry work.

Closely related to the image of the snowflake is the pagan sign of Ladinets. It was used by our ancient ancestors as an amulet, a source of protection and peace for pregnant women and mothers.

The shape of this snowflake differs from the natural outlines of a snowflake. It consists of eight rays, each of which is a rounded letter “G”. This sign can be compared to a multi-beam swastika, usually inscribed in a circle to enhance the magical effect. This snowflake is a reference to the Slavic goddess Lada, which our ancestors had an analogue of Venus and Aphrodite. She was responsible for family, home and youth of a woman.

snowflake tattoos

Where can I get it?

Tattoo in the form of a snowflake can be done on a variety of body parts.

Miniature drawings can be stuffed anywhere, even on the fingers. In this case, they occupy no more than one square centimeter of the skin surface.

Another interesting area is the hands. Here are depicted from 1 to 3 snowflakes, their size varies from 1.5 to 5 cm.

The wrist area, where the line of snowflakes forming a kind of bracelet looks especially impressive.

Not bad would look tattoo on the forearm. Even if in this area there are already tattoos, to enter into the sleeve of such a motif on the size, subject and style is not difficult.

But the shoulder is a less common variant. For tattoos in the form of a snowflake it is used infrequently.

The neck is the optimal place in terms of composition, tattooing here looks sensual and sexy. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the skin of women in this place is quite sensitive. Therefore, the padding of the image is associated with considerable discomfort, and the healing of such a tattoo for quite a long time.

The back is a real canvas for any tattoo master. Here you can create large themed compositions and combinations of different elements involving snowflakes.

The chest is an area that is suitable for both men and women. The snowflake here looks piquant and burly. However, women need to keep in mind that in the process of life, especially after the birth of a child, the outlines of the breast change. As a result, the contours of the image are deformed, and it simply “floats”.

The ankle, calf, and ankle are typical female options.

Knee – the snowflake here is stuffed exactly in the center so that the rays go beyond it. Such a tattoo looks very stylish. However, the skin on the leg in this place is close to the bones, so the area is very painful.