What tattoo suits your horoscope

Many people before deciding to get a tattoo, consult with experts – often astrologers, in order to direct their lives in the right direction. After all, applying an astrological tattoo is a whole ritual that reaches deep into the psyche and acts on the subconscious, thereby changing a person’s aura. The changes can be both positive and negative, so it is worth taking this matter seriously.

We have consulted with a professional astrologer Alexey Fandeev to help you decide on a tattoo symbol that will perfectly suit your zodiac sign.

Aries – the symbolism of primacy

This is the very first sign of the zodiac, it belongs to the fiery element. The astrological sign looks like the letter V with curved edges. V for victory or V for vendetta. This symbol contains the powerful energy of primordial fire and sets its owner the program “In everything go to the end!”

Taurus – the symbolism of materiality

The Earth energy zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus. The symbol of Taurus – the circle of the sun with the crescent on top – has the energy to attract to this world everything necessary for life. The energy of the Earth element includes an “All or Nothing!” program.

Gemini – the symbolism of knowledge

The air element of the sign, led by Mercury, is designated as the Roman numeral two. If your life is like a routine, then this symbol, an opponent of routine and monotony, is just what you need. The “I want to know everything!” program and an interest in other people’s lives will change exactly your life.

Cancer – the symbolism of nature

The water element ruled by the Moon endows the owner of this symbol with psychic abilities, intuition and empathy. The sign itself looks like two commas, many think that these are the claws of Cancer, but its deeper meaning – it is a merger of Yin and Yang, male and female principles. Images of the crescent moon or cycles of the moon will connect a person to the lunar energy and the energy of nature, which is based on the main mystery of human creation. That is why the moon is also a symbol of motherhood, family and care.

The Lion – the symbolism of God

The energy of the lion directly connects us to the energy of the sun. The symbol of the Lion is like a comma, at the sacred level it denotes sperm, which carries in itself the genome of all mankind. The Sun, as a symbol of life and the zodiac sign of Leo, endows the bearer of this symbol with generosity, straightforwardness, generosity and the ability to love. And the most important program of this symbol is to love your neighbor as yourself! After all, the sun shines on everyone equally.

Virgo – symbolism of purity

This earthly sign used to be depicted as the Virgin Mary holding the letter “m” with a curl on the end – Maria Virgo.

The Virgin Mary is an allegory of the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, the Madonna – the earthly mother of Jesus. It is a symbol of service to people for the highest good. The Virgin’s energy endows man with diligence and the ability to see in earthly problems a higher manifestation.

Libra – the symbolism of relationships

A sign of balance and equality ruled by the air element and the planet of love Venus. In deeper esoteric language, the Libra symbol is a representation of the sunset. But on the other hand, it is in the month of Libra that the autumnal equinox occurs, as opposed to Aries, when the symbolic dawn occurs. Therefore, these two zodiac signs contain the mystery of love between a man and a woman. Aries is masculine energy and Libra is feminine energy. Do you want to know the mystery of love? Libra symbolism will help you find balance in any relationship.

Scorpio – the symbolism of death and nullification

The water sign, which is patronized by the planet of rock Pluto. This sign itself has been associated since ancient times with the otherworld and death. It is depicted as the Latin letter “m” with an arrow at the end of the symbol. It denotes the sting of the scorpion, with which he kills his enemies or himself. Therefore, it contains programs of knowledge of life and death, magic, their hidden capabilities. For those who want to start life with a white slate, this is a great symbol.

Sagittarius – the symbol of success

Sign of the element of fire and the planet of luck Jupiter. Denoted by the symbol of an arrow, which was released by the centaur from the bow. This is a symbol of the traveler, the discoverer, the search for a new. At a deeper level, it denotes the movement to God, the Creator, the vast cosmos. If you decide to apply this symbol, then prepare for adventure and a change of home.

Capricorn – symbolism of power

The earth element and time planet Saturn will give the wearer of this symbol intuition in deeds and actions. The symbol itself is depicted in the form of horns and tail, with the occult ancient level, the front part of the symbolic animal is the torso of a goat and the back part of a fish. The combination of Earth and Water speaks of the fusion of matter and emotion. In other words, there is a “Why do you want it?” program embedded in this sign. Not for nothing is it the symbol of supreme power and state. If you want things to be fair, then this symbol is definitely yours.

tattoo suits your horoscope

Aquarius – the symbol of creativity

Ruled by the element of Air and the planet of chaos Uranus, this sign carries the energy of creativity in its purest form. Aquarius is denoted by two broken lines. They symbolize the ocean waves that rise due to the wind. Therefore, this symbol symbolizes complete trust in the universe and teaches you to be in the flow of life. If you want a quick change, to find a new occupation or friends for yourself, then applying this symbol will bring you a wind of change and new friends.

Pisces – psychic symbolism

The last sign of the zodiac is ruled by Neptune and belongs to the water element. The symbol of the sign is two fish that swim in different directions. They are drawn as two crescents on the right and left and joined by a line in the middle, which denotes the silver thread, or the thread of life, according to the mythological meaning that connects us to our soul. The tattoo of this symbol carries a connection to the human soul and endows the person with mercy and compassion.