17 on-trend summer tattoos

Brutal, feminine, with a watercolor effect, with summer motifs… A tattoo is a permanent thing, but it can also be trendy or old-fashioned. Check out 17 of the summer’s most stylish tattoos that are sure to remain popular for a long time to come. Summer tattoos look really cool when you show up at the pool.

Summer is here for your skin, too. It’s not just about sunscreens or other tanning products. It’s the perfect time to show off that tattoo that’s been hiding under your clothes all year. Or you can decide to get a tattoo for the first time, following the main trends of this art to attract the attention of others with your sexy beach look. So, if you are going to get a tattoo, take a look at the most stylish motifs of the season. These are drawings that gravitate towards the atmosphere of summer: palm trees, the sea, the sun, flowers, the horizon and marine life. Although almost inconspicuous, minimalist style tattoos are also in vogue. Check out this selection of 17 of the best summer tattoos to be in the spotlight this season.

1. Palms

Whether you like it or not, it is the palm tree tattoo that has become the most popular for the summer season. This small tattoo will remind you all year long of the warmest season and the approaching vacation. In addition, looks really very stylish, especially on the ankle or hand.

2. Tattoo with text

A lot of girls like T-shirts with inscriptions, don’t they? Then why not get yourself a tattoo with text? Some significant phrase can always remind you of what you want in life, who you want to be… Just choose a quote that you like and get such a tattoo.

3. watercolor tattoo

A watercolor tattoo is considered very summery and romantic. All thanks to the delicate, summer colors, which definitely win against the traditional black tattoo. Look at the photo and make sure that for the summer season there is nothing better than these delicate watercolor flowers.

4. Linear tattoo

You’ll get the same delicate effect as a watercolor tattoo with a stylish linear tattoo. We are talking about a drawing created from a single unbroken line. It looks quite simple and sophisticated.

5. Small tattoos

Girls often put portraits of their favorite people, their boyfriend, their favorite star or a movie character on their skin. Why not then put a drawing of your favorite pet? Look at the photo: a linear tattoo of a dog looks just great. Don’t doubt it for a minute.

summer tattoos

6. Doodle tattoo

Nowadays naturalness is in fashion. This applies not only to makeup and natural fabrics, but also tattoos. Therefore the tattoo in the form of a careless sketch, an unfinished drawing or simply doodles will be an ideal option. Carelessness, originality and unique style – these are the main features of one of the trending tattoos of the summer.

7. Floral tattoo

Drawings of flowers have always been among the most in demand in tattoo parlors. But that doesn’t mean you have to apply entire bouquets of your favorite flowers to your skin. Choose one branch with the image of an unusual flower. Even better, if the picture will have the effect of flying petals. This feeling of light wind on the tattoo looks very attractive and stylish.

8. Rose tattoo

Do you remember that the rose print was one of the 9 most trending colors and prints of the fall-winter 2019/2020 season? That’s why you definitely shouldn’t overlook such a tattoo. Lady Gaga could be your main inspiration for choosing a similar tattoo, as she recently got a rose tattoo on her back.

9. Sexy tattoos

But if you want a rose pattern in all its glory, then try to avoid bright red. Choose other colors and their shades.

10. Nautical tattoo

We probably all remember traditional nautical style tattoos. Ships, anchor, rudder… It’s all already outdated. Choose original drawings that depict marine life (of course, without the plastic that pollutes the sea).

11. lion tattoo.

The whole world has been waiting for the release of the new movie “The Lion King”. Can this explain the popularity of such a tattoo? Of course! So join the trend and choose the image of a strong and majestic animal.

12. Origami tattoo

Origami is a traditional Japanese art. Its geometricity is also reflected in the trending tattoos. Look at the photo: all the same trendy drawing of a lion in the style of origami. Look very stylish.


13. Tattoos with works of art

Art is in fashion right now, so it’s no surprise that there are tattoos with works of art. In this case, you can combine completely opposite directions: paintings by Van Gogh and Hokusai.

14. Space tattoo

Space exploration is actively renewed, and it is reflected in our skin. Literally! Feel free to apply drawings of planets, starry sky, comets… Just be careful not to apply an astronaut suit or anything like that.

15. Tattoos of objects

Objects are often alive to a lot of people. It’s about their importance and value to a particular person. If you have meaningful objects, you can safely put their drawing on your skin. And your memory will always be there for you.

16. Abstract Tattoo

Sometimes you want something completely unusual, where you can put your own meaning. In this case, avant-garde drawings will be ideal.

17. Tattoo of hearts

One of the most popular types of tattoos. If you want to indicate a symbol of friendship, you will not find anything better than these little hearts. For every girlfriend!

If you finally decided on a tattoo, then choose one of the most stylish options. The tattoo is sure to attract the eyes of others, not only at the beach, but also at the party.