Signs of the zodiac: how long they hold grudges

Some signs of the zodiac will resent you to death and never forgive. Even if the disagreement was an accident or a misunderstanding, they will never forget it. Other signs prefer to just enjoy life and have fun with their friends without remembering that you once had conflicts. So which one are you?

1. Aries

Aries is only offended by those who really upset him, and not for very long. For this sign, friendship should have its ups and downs, and he won’t be mad at anyone forever. If Aries cares about you, no amount of controversy will make him stop talking to you forever.

2. Taurus.

Taurus will carry a stone behind his sinus for the rest of his days. In other words, this sign is one of the main contenders for the title of the most vindictive. Taurus is incredibly stubborn and hates being wrong, so he will take offense just because you don’t agree with him that he is always right.

3. Gemini

Gemini’s rarely hold a grudge against anyone for long. When something bothers them, they’d rather figure it out on the spot because they think resentment is unconstructive and stupid. Twins just want to communicate with their friends, and therefore they are quick to forgive and forget.

4. Cancer

Cancer is one of the most emotional signs, so it takes a long time to get over arguments and conflicts that make it very upset. When a Cancer has a grudge, he can live with that grudge for years. This sign is really just trying to shield himself from people who have hurt him in this way. Cancer would love to forgive you, but his emotions won’t let him let go of the hurt with ease.

5. Leo

Leo believes that everything in his life happens for a reason, and therefore is quick to get rid of people he doesn’t like. He can (and will) be offended for a very long time, but be sure to tell you everything you did so offended him. Leo has many friends and fans, so getting rid of a couple or three offenders for him is a trifle.

6. Virgo

Virgo has been nurturing resentments for months, but only when she thinks it’s absolutely necessary. She will always try to work it out with you, but if you don’t compromise and apologize to her, Virgo will start giving you the cold shoulder from now on. She hates it when someone tries to compromise her competence and intelligence.

7. Libra

Libras hate to be offended. They will do everything they can to maintain friendships, relationships, and companionship. However, Libras have their own limits to what they will tolerate, but they really don’t like to get into squabbles and conflicts. If you offend a Libra, it will cause them not anger, but rather frustration and discouragement.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio remembers all offenses, and it is forever – so he protects his inner world from everything bad. One of this sign’s biggest fears in life is to forgive a person and let them hurt Scorpio over and over again. Even if you’ve known each other for years, he can still kick you out of his social circle for even a poorly worded phrase.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius doesn’t know how to take offense, so if you hurt him (without malice), he’s not going to punish you for it for life and make you apologize to him every day. Sagittarius, of course, can rant at you for a few days, but then he will forget about the incident because he doesn’t want to surround himself with negativity.

Signs of the zodiac

10. Capricorn

Capricorn plans his entire life carefully and doesn’t let anyone control or manipulate him. If you are not part of his plan, Capricorn will quickly take you out of his game. He has no time for socializing with unnecessary people. He may be permanently offended and will certainly never forget your words or actions.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius is one of those signs that sometimes loves his friends more than himself. As for offenses and conflicts, he can remember it for a long time, but only when he was really hurt very much. In fact, Aquarius can’t stand to be offended, but if forced to do so, he knows how to hold a grudge.

12. Pisces

Pisces hates being hurt, and they’re overwhelmed with resentment until they can’t deal with the situation themselves. If you really upset Pisces, you can guarantee that they don’t want to communicate with you or hear words of apology at that moment. Pisces will sulk for a few months and then maybe let you make it up to them.