Birds, butterflies, flowers: 10 spring ideas for tiny tattoos on the body

The trend for minimalist tattoos does not lose relevance for many seasons in a row. Fans of such body drawings are Miley Cyrus and many other stars, which once again confirms – it is not only beautiful, but also ultra fashionable. Especially for you VOICE gathered 10 variants of tiny tattoos that will look cool this spring and in any other season of the year.

A tattoo is an indelible piece of body jewelry that can become your trademark. If this is the first experience for you and you do not plan to paint yourself like the rapper Timati, a good choice would be a tiny drawing with fine neat lines. In addition, such tattoos are not going out of fashion for a season already, as evidenced by numerous photos of bloggers in social networks.

Let’s understand the beauty of minimalistic nail drawings and where they are usually done, learn all about the preparation for the visit to the salon, and most importantly – let’s get inspired by cool variants of mini-tattoos, which will look especially cool this spring.

Who’s Tiny Tattoos Are Good For?

Anyone who hasn’t visited a tattoo artist before, but has been dreaming about it for a long time! The minimalist design is perfect for your first tattoo. First, its performance will not take much time (usually only a couple of hours), and secondly you can easily place it on a place inconspicuous to other people, which will then be easy to hide under clothing. In addition, such tattoos are much cheaper than large drawings that require careful tracing. If you’re just planning to join the tattoo-mafia, opt for something simple, but very stylish.

Where do you want to get tattooed?

The great thing about delicate tattoos is that they can be done in “secret” places that only you or your closest people will know about. Most often, thin and small drawings are decorated on the wrists, hips, collarbones or the area behind the ear. Another popular place for such minimalistic images on the body are the fingers of the hand – so the tattoo will become an indelible decoration, and the need to wear rings simply will fall away.

How to prepare for your first tattoo

To make an appointment for a session with the tattoo-master is possible without much preparation, but some recommendations for beginners still exist. First, it is recommended to have a good rest before the session, because in a state of great fatigue and stress the pain is felt most acutely. Take a shower and remove the hair with a loom from the place where you are going to make a drawing.

It is not unreasonable also to think beforehand about the sketch and come to the master with a ready idea. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time on the choice of the future tattoo and can never stop. 

Give up alcohol the day before visiting the master. He strongly thinning the blood, and this only complicates the process of applying the tattoo on the skin. If you feel that you are getting sick, it is better to postpone the session to another day – why should an already overworked body experience additional stress? 

Eat a hearty meal before the session and prepare yourself something to snack on, because in some cases getting a tattoo on your skin can take more than four hours. However, mini tattoos tend to take much less time.

The finished tattoo usually heals within 7-10 days, but requires special care. A fresh tattoo is an open wound that should be treated with antibacterial agents and healing ointments. In the first three days, refuse to get a tanning bed or go to the beach. Massage, exfoliation and wraps are also best postponed until the tattoo is fully healed.

Tiny body tattoo ideas

Now let’s get inspired with some mini tattoo options. Here we’ve gathered what’s especially relevant for spring, from delicate flowers to tiny stars and butterflies!

Hearty things to do

Tattoos in the form of small hearts are a timeless classic. Almost every one of us has dreamed about such a drawing on the body since high school. Perhaps now it’s time to finally decide to do what parents forbade before?

Black minimalist heart will look appropriate almost everywhere. Choose any spot, from the fingers on your hands to the dimple in your ear.

The Butterfly Way

What else can you do to make yourself happy this spring? Like a tattoo of a tiny butterfly. You can make her monochrome, or paint the wings with bright colors. On the wrist or inner bend of the elbow, such a picture looks especially sensual.

Migrating birds

Continuing the “winged” theme! Don’t like butterflies – opt for small graceful birds. Let them fly in a place from the neck to the beginning of the shoulder blades. Airy, elegant and very feminine.

In honor of your favorite dog

Do you want to declare your love for your beloved pet with a body art? For this you do not need to ask the tattoo artist to redraw the dog or cat as realistically as possible from a photo on the phone. You can confine yourself to the silhouette of your pet – he will surely be pleased.

spring ideas for tiny tattoos

Weightless wave

Almost invisible tattoos with a scarring effect are created with white paint. Such drawings are almost not visible on the body, so will be a great option for modest women. Try to make a weightless tattoo in the form of a wave, or stop at the image of a feather or a favorite flower – the choice is yours.

Spring mood

Would you agree that a hip bone tattoo looks incredibly sexy? Choose some delicate drawing: for example, draw a thin twig or flower on the skin. This way the body jewelry will also pair nicely with lace lingerie.

Instead of jewelry

Love to decorate your hands with minimalist rings and bracelets? Then make them indelible! The choice of the sketch for the future pattern is up to you.

The tenderness itself

Collect a bouquet of spring flowers in a single tattoo. Just imagine how cool this drawing on the body will look in combination with a light dress decorated with a similar floral print.

Queen of Roses

Is your favorite flower a fragrant and austere rose? No need to hide it – a minimalistic image on the skin will remind fans what exactly to please you on a date.

Star Trek

Tattoos in the form of stars have some special magic. You do not have to draw something large on the body and completely fill in the drawing with black paint.

Better stop at thin lines – such stars on the skin look very neat and stylish.