Tattoo Signs of the Zodiac

Tattoo signs of the zodiac is one of the most popular options. Such tattoos not only carry a certain meaning and significance, but are also personified. With their help, a person shows who he is.

Tattoo signs of the zodiac choose people who are passionate about astrology and believe in horoscopes. They see in their character traits inherent in the sign. This tattoo is said to be a symbol of strength and determination. On the other hand, it means the acceptance of one’s destiny, which is determined by the location of the stars.

Signs of the Zodiac

The meaning of tattoos with the signs of the zodiac

There are twelve signs in the zodiacal circle. Each of them is very symbolic, has its own history and meaning. 

  • Tattoo Gemini – people born under this sign are difficult to achieve inner harmony, they are contradictory and multifaceted;
  • Tattoo Libra – symbolize balance and harmony. These people are able to easily cope with their emotions, to sweep away unnecessary things and see the essence of things. They are calm and calculating;
  • Aquarius tattoo – a symbol of freedom and rebellion, harmony of mind and feelings. People born under this sign are direct, original, they have creative potential. Aquarius often become innovators in different areas of life;
  • Tattoo Pisces – it is believed that such people like comfort and prefer to go with the flow. Tattoo with the zodiac sign of fish characterizes kind, responsive and compliant people;
  • Tattoo Sagittarius – describes active, impulsive people, which can be called a mood. Many astrologers notice for Sagittarians such a trait as greed. Therefore, it is not recommended to depict the sign of the zodiac on the bodies of Sagittarians, because it can accentuate the negative traits that characterize these emotional and impressionable people;
  • Tattoo Virgo – people born under this sign are intelligent and logical, sometimes they may seem cold and calculating. They have their own opinion and can easily impose it on their opponents;
  • Taurus tattoo – the inner strength and serenity, kindness and constancy – such qualities are characteristic of the people of this sign. Such people are no stranger to romance and sentimentality;
  • Tattoo Capricorn – proud and independent owners of the zodiac sign Capricorn tattoo patient and seek order in all things. They are selfish, seek power by any means, although often do not have leadership qualities;
  • Aries tattoo – representatives of this sign are endowed with a special charisma and temperament. Activity and determination of Aries help achieve the goal in any endeavor.
  • Leo tattoo – strong and ambitious people were born under this sign. Lions are leaders, they are successful and fortunate. Tattoo in the form of the zodiac sign in this case is worth doing only if your character meets this symbol. This is one of the prime examples where a tattoo can be chosen by a representative of any zodiac sign;
  • Tattoo Cancer – for these people the support of loved ones is important, they are very emotional and their mood is quickly transmitted to others. Crayfish are ambitious and love to be the center of attention;
  • Tattoo Scorpio – willpower and desire for power distinguish representatives of this sign. They confidently pursue their goal and are always ready to strike.

Since ancient times people have seen the relationship between the fate and character of the person and his date of birth. The science of this relationship – astrology – had its origins in Sumeru, but it was developed by ancient Greek philosophers, so this science is associated with Greece.

Tattoo constellations of the zodiac signs are closely intertwined with Greek mythology. Each symbol has its own history.

People free of prejudice can get a tattoo of another’s sign, if it suits them in character. This is especially true for “animal” signs – lion, cancer, scorpion, etc. Images of these animals have not only astrological significance.

Places for tattoos zodiac signs

You can get a tattoo on any part of the body. If it is a zodiacal symbol, it will look good in both a minimalistic version, and in a detailed drawing. Mini tattoos in the form of zodiac signs look good on the wrist and ankles. Tattoo of the average size on the shoulder, forearm and shoulder blades. A large tattoo looks spectacular on the back.

Do not forget that with a tattoo you can not only decorate the body, but also hide certain flaws on the skin. The most popular option is a tattoo on the scars. A beautiful drawing easily overlaps the scars.

And most importantly – choose an experienced master who not only draws well, but also understands astrology and its symbolism.