Autumn tattoos: meaning and sketches

Different peoples of the world have for centuries endowed plants with magical properties. Therefore, they are often used to decorate household objects and as a body ornament. In order to protect yourself from the influence of alcohol, it is necessary to wear a silk mask with a necklace. For this purpose, tattoos in the form of leaves were applied to the body.

The meaning of the tattoo

Images of plant elements served as protective amulets that foretold good fortune.

Pagan culture obliged Slavs to conduct important rituals and sacrifices in oak groves. These trees were given great importance as symbols of longevity, and their leaves were worn, counting on good health and long life.

The Slavs were even responsible for the reliability of family ties, or more precisely, for a talisman in the form of rowan branches. Beautiful carved leaves and bright berries were gladly imprinted on the body.

And if a man had a triple leaf of ash on his chest, it spoke of his ability to predict future events.

Heart-shaped birch leaves offered happiness, cheerfulness and bright emotions.

The branches of the olive tree signified wisdom and harmony.

The laurel has at all times been a symbol of victory. Be it in competition or in scientific research. The laurel wreath was placed on the heads of emperors who took part in ceremonies. It was also used to honor the best warriors and poets.

The main meaning of tattoos with any leaves is considered fertility and new life. Regardless of the type of plant, it brings hope and excitement.

It indicates renewal and can be associated with spring, when nature comes to life.

And if yellowed autumn leaves or fallen leaves are depicted, it means sadness, longing and decline. Or just a tattoo is associated with autumn, the inner melancholy.

Separate meanings of tattoos with leaves are peculiar to girls. For example, a birch leaf is associated with clarity of mind and pure thoughts. Weeping willow conveys the sadness and longing of the female soul.

Oak leaves symbolize good health and clarity of thought.

Maple leaf tattoo conveys stamina and strength of mind. Most often this option is preferred by men.

The leaf tattoo can consist of a single leaf or several leaves of the same species. And also popular compositions from the leaves of different trees.

Clover in the classic version appears as a three-leaf, which means the unity of beauty, strength and happiness.

In today’s world, the meaning of leaf tattoos has not changed too much. They are still invested in the hopes of good luck, rebirth. They symbolize longevity in a healthy body and strong spirit.

Sketch ideas and styles of execution

Often people choose leafy tattoo sketches as the main subject. Or they complement any subjects on the body with leaves.

Depending on the chosen technique of execution and the type of plants, the composition can be melancholic or life-affirming. Drastically different is and embedded semantic subtext.

It is worth to add that as a sketch you can use a dried leaf, which is stored as a memory of some important event. In this case, the interpretation of the body painting for everyone will be individual.

Autumn tattoos

Let’s take a closer look at popular species.

Clover (four-leafed) is associated in people with good luck, although the plant symbolizes farewell. But it is one leaf of clover that has an absolutely attractive meaning, bringing happiness and good luck. In this case, we are talking specifically about the four-petaled leaf of the flower, which is rare in nature.

Ivy is a symbol of love and loyalty, but can sometimes mean guile and cunning. It is seen as the embodiment of loyalty, resurrection and love.

There is also the opposite interpretation of the plant, associated with cunning and evil.

The grapevine leaf is also very popular as a tattoo sketch. It is associated with the idle way of life, associating it with the god Bacchus and wine.

Maple – the mighty and rebellious, he was not afraid of the cold and storms. So a person with a tattoo of this kind is not afraid to get up to face all of life’s hardships. Because I’m sure he will stand.

Maple leaf often adorns the body of tattoo lovers. Maple has a ambiguous interpretation in different peoples. It is widely known as the symbol of Canada. Leaf of this tree is applied to the national flag of this country, and they are even three on the coat of arms. Asians associate the maple tree with high dignity. It is also a symbol of lovers.

For the Slavs, the maple was a sacred tree. This is told in many legends, according to which a man turned into a javor (the Slavic equivalent of the name of the tree).

In ancient times, the Serbs believed that the maple tree would wither if a man touched it in spring, tormented by a grievance. And the mighty tree would take the innocent condemned under its protection, hiding him in the crown of its leaves.

The Germans have a slightly different interpretation of the maple leaf. For this nation, it is the embodiment of the beauty of life.

In general, the maple is a positive symbolism for all ages and for all nations.

The aspen is also a completely positive interpretation of the flora. Aspen leaves are revered as a talisman against evil forces.

Hemp is a rather provocative image. Such an idea does not necessarily indicate the use of illegal substances. Perhaps it is an indicator of the cheerful disposition and certain musical preferences of its owner. For example, a fan of the reggae style, as well as someone who does not tolerate convention, gravitating towards complete freedom.

Oak – its leaves were used as military insignia, indicating a strong and unyielding character, courage.

Tattoos with oak leaves are very popular among fans of body art.

The palm tree is a symbol of glory and triumph. Most often it is with a palm branch that the Goddess of Victory is depicted. The leaves, wreathed in a wreath, have a similar meaning.

Monster is an image that competes with the palm tree. It looks very effective on the skin due to the “skeletal” structure of the exotic leaf.

Tattoos with leaves also vary in color and sketch subjects. Certain colors and stylistic execution are used for different genders.

The predominance of green shades in the tattoo design indicates fertility and vitality. It symbolizes the blossoming of youth.

To colored images are of increased interest to women. At the same time, they no less like monochrome tattoos with leaves. Fine drawings manage to emphasize the natural beauty of women’s wrists and long fingers.

Men also enjoy putting tattoos with foliage on their bodies. True, they prefer a larger scale work.

Often on the male body you can see a colored tattoo in autumnal hues: from bright yellow to dark red. A drawing with the presence of falling leaves means that the man has experienced a state of alienation. Such a tattoo symbolizes disappointment, fading feelings.

It can be a symbol of loss of love, fatigue from a toxic relationship. Autumn leaf of any kind is a symbol of change, waiting for a new phase.

Where is the best place to apply?

In order for the tattoo to turn out a true body decoration, it is important to choose the right place for it. It is possible to make a tattoo with a leaf or an abundance of vegetation in a variety of places. The sketch can be chosen small or large in size.

Very spectacular looks tattoo on the back in a realistic style. In this case, the leaves look like the real thing. True, such a drawing turns out to be very large-scale. For him it is better to choose the surface of the chest or to score a tattoo on the back.

Quite a popular solution among men – a sleeve with the image of leaves. It looks especially impressive in the style of old skool. The brutality of the plant picture is given by skulls and various inscriptions.

Men’s versions are often found on the forearm, applied to the shoulder and on the ribs.

In women’s versions, they are replaced by flowers and made smaller in scale. Women prefer to do neat tattoos on the hand, especially on the wrist and hand.

Miniature leaves in the style of minimalism elegantly decorate thin fingers.

Beautifully look original drawings on the slender leg and on the forearm. The concept itself is considered universal and suitable for everyone, regardless of gender.