Tattoo of the zodiac sign Aquarius

The tattoo “Aquarius” is one of the 12 signs of the Zodiacal belt, depicted by a person on the body to get their piece of celestial energy, referring to the patron constellation. For some astrological enthusiasts, a symbolic depiction of their sign is a way to claim the undeniable influence of the celestial luminaries on their destiny and life path. Getting closer to the energy of the cosmos is only one of the goals set.

Each constellation has a set of characteristics that are habitually associated with it, and Aquarius in this sense is no exception.

  1. A tattoo, made in a minimalist style, separately placed on the body, for a man can mean deliverance from negativity, personal development, goodwill or fidelity.
  2. For girls, all of the above values remain relevant, but the choice of Aquarius may indicate trustworthiness, the search for a protector who will get rid of all the bad things in life.
  3. Representatives of the stronger and fairer sex can dwell on the image solely as the sign of the zodiacal constellation under which they are lucky or unlucky to be born.
  4. Aquarius is considered ideal for contradictory natures. It can denote a desire for change and, at the same time, a reluctance for the onset of the new.
  5. Another meaning can have mythological roots. The ancient Egyptians associated Aquarius with the flood and considered it a harbinger of spring. The Greeks associated the constellation with a vase that poured water onto the neighboring constellation of Pisces. Another story says that the beautiful young man was kidnapped by Zeus and thus immortalized the cupbearer by placing the constellation in the sky. Thus, by placing a tattoo on the body, it is possible to delve into mythological themes as well.
  6. Men who choose the sign of the zodiac constellation and not born under it, gravitate to the risk, making spontaneous, unmotivated decisions, the original world view. At the same time, they show persistence in achieving goals and following through on what they once started.
  7. For girls, this could mean cleanliness, rationality, or an irresistible thirst for creativity, the ability to give himself up to inspiration.
  8. As in any other case with the choice of suitable for the application of the body tattoo, the essence of the image is deciphered ambiguously, depends on the additional details and location.

The symbol can be an image of a man with a jug from which water pours, but the real, minimalist, graphics of this zodiacal constellation are two parallel waves. It is the harmony and identity of the water and air elements. Despite the presence of the root indicating water in the name, the sign is under the patronage of air, so it is characterized by love of freedom, originality and unpredictability.

However, the graphic symbol in the form of two horizontal waves, flowing in parallel, has other interpretations – living and dead water, intelligence and intuition, the inseparability and impossibility of separate existence of male and female origin.

There is another interpretation that is not quite close in meaning to the name of the zodiac sign – a well-developed man, symbolizing the readiness to forget about all the failures and go after the desired goal with renewed vigor. This is an option for the stronger sex.

Review of the best sketches

Despite the statement about the small number of variants of this image, a careful study of the practice and the proposed options proves that even a minimalistic image can be made spectacular, epathetic, picturesque or impressive.

If you replace the associative image with a symbol, you can use the ancient Babylonian or ancient Greek style in depicting a god with a fish tail and a jug from which water pours endlessly. No less common is the god Aquarius, who nourishes the Earth. He can be depicted in Old Slavic style, with European attributes or with modern accessories.

A girl with long hair, who also has water pouring from a vessel of any shape, may be a priority choice not only for the fair sex, but also for the stronger sex. The stylistic constant and palette of the image is not limited to anything. Although drawings in Sumerian or Greek style are more often executed in black and white.

A popular mini-image around the neck or in a place hidden from view is the constellation itself, with all the stars that comprise it. A larger scale, transferred from a star atlas, can be made with an inscription at each, in Latin or any other language. The star, as a constituent element of the constellation, may be depicted modestly, hinted at, adjacent to other celestial bodies, or be the central image on a colored background.

An interesting solution is found in Southeast Asia, and it is gradually gaining popularity in the Eastern hemisphere – a hieroglyph, a steep wave with a crest, a tsunami or a volumetric panel with a flood.

For men.

There are many variations, but there are spectacular ones that need an extra accent. For example, the hands from which water flows are considered a symbol of baptism, but this is an accessory that is stuffed when seeking personal progression, creative growth, acquiring inspiration and unconventionality. Demonstrate the strength and masculinity of the male Aquarius by making a sleeve with a stylized image of a god adorned with pictorial details. Two horizontal waves on the neck is a strong amulet, but this area is not suitable for a large image.

For women.

The choice of images is unlimited, but masters are advised to avoid male figures. An excellent option for a girl is a female figure with a jug, from which a wave of flowers pours. Not to mention the various options for depicting a female figure (the only recommendation is long hair), you can apply any eloquent details associated with water. These can be lotuses, water lilies, birds, fish and animals, different inhabitants of reservoirs, celestial luminaries, water – from a small chain of stones to a wave.

Styles of execution.

Minimalism is far from the only style solution for even a small symbol chosen as an informational message or protective amulet. A true master will recommend the style and palette of the image for each place of application and drawing. Zodiac sign, constellation, inscription, man or god pouring water. And just a vessel with water and horizontal waves can be depicted in black graphics, watercolor, in the manner of old skool, in the classic or realism.

Ancient Greek stylization, an image in Babylonian, Egyptian style, Old Slavic style, tribal or Celtic tattoo – all will be appropriate. Inscriptions, too, can be used in different languages, most importantly, understand their meaning and apply without errors.

zodiac sign Aquarius

Where can I score?

Choosing the place of application, you need to consider the size of the image, the desire to flaunt or hide from prying eyes. The location gives Aquarius a special nuance or narrow meaning.

  • on the arm – the sleeve with additional colorful elements is considered a demonstration of masculinity, mainly a variant for the strong sex, the palm and hand – for creative growth, on the wrist – a strong talisman, protection against failure of any gender.
  • on the neck (at the side or at the base) – protection from negative influences, also considered a strong amulet;
  • on the forearm – a flamboyant image, the owners do not have any special prerogatives, by connoisseurs of symbolism is considered an aspiration to declare their character or attract the attention of others;
  • on the shoulder – an excellent opportunity to balance the mental and intuitive abilities, a man can use this image to overcome his inherent indecisiveness;
  • on the leg – helps to strengthen intuition, increases the health of the owner.

Beautiful examples

A stylized image with a vessel from which water pours or a floral stream is good on a woman’s body and leaves room for creative thought.

Horizontal waves can be of different sizes, complemented by whole panels with details consonant with the chosen theme.

An aquatic animal is a great way to hint at your zodiac sign. You can also use fish, but not double, and necessarily with waves, so that the sign is not confused with another constellation.

The detailing helps to reveal as much as possible the character of the wearer and his predilections – it is informative, which coexists with aesthetic visualization and epatage.