Tattoo of the zodiac sign Cancer

Tattoo of the zodiac Cancer can be a calling card of the person or be his talisman, a talisman in life. The meaning of the tattoo everyone defines for himself, but the symbolism of the image on the body is still there and the sign will somehow influence the life of the tattoo owner.

History of the sign

The meaning of tattoo sign of the zodiac Cancer closely overlaps with astrology and the characteristics of people born from June 22 to July 22. It is believed that they are quite secretive and closed personality. Cancer people are mysterious and the phrase “there are devils in a quiet pool” is just about them.

 Especially interesting is the origin story of the zodiac symbol. The two numbers 69 inverted in the horizontal position have several theories of its appearance. One of the oldest variants suggests that the symbol denoted a pair of claws of an animal. Some people associate the origin of the sign with Eastern culture, seeing in it a sign of infinity or yin and yang. Cancer has a feminine energy, as its patroness is the moon. Therefore, there is another theory, according to which the symbol represents a woman’s breasts, and according to esoteric teachings, it also represents ovules.

What does the tattoo of the constellation of Cancer mean?

What kind of sketch you pick up – the symbol of the zodiac sign, the image of the constellation, a realistic cancer or an inscription – almost does not affect the meaning and symbolism of the tattoo. It is only worth noting that when stuffing the animal should be supplemented with a drawing of elements indicating that the tattoo belongs to astrology, because the meaning of cancer as an animal in the tattoo culture is different.

 The symbolism of the tattoo is directly related to the theories of the origin of the symbol. According to one version, the zodiac Cancer tattoo symbolizes secrecy, which is indicated by the orientation of all elements of the sign inward. On the other hand, the same symbol can denote the constant movement and development, absolute harmony and self-discovery, which is associated with the number 69 and its similarity with the sign of infinity. It is believed that the zodiac sign of Cancer tattoo for girls can bring a long-awaited pregnancy and motherhood. Therefore, such a sketch can be stuffed and women born under another sign. This meaning is related to the above-mentioned esoteric teachings and one of the interpretations of the symbol.

 Tattoos with images of the zodiac signs have a magical effect as well. A tattoo of the sign of Cancer can make a person braver and stronger, more confident and firm in his decisions. A properly applied drawing also opens up new possibilities by influencing the fate of its owner and accompanying him through life.

zodiac sign Cancer

Where to get a tattoo?

On the meaning of the tattoo of the sign of cancer is strongly influenced by its location on the body.

 On the chest, the symbol is more often stuffed by men. The sign is able to help a person to develop strength of mind and willingness to fight life’s difficulties. He gets rid of doubts, fear, nervousness or tendency to depression, make more decisive. Tattoo of the zodiac Cancer on the chest can also bring harmony in relationships with people and nature.

 If tattooed on the neck, it will help in career growth and self-development. It is believed that the drawing on this place will get rid of problems in communication with colleagues and superiors, difficulties in work matters. In addition, the tattoo on the neck can give good luck.Most often, the zodiac sign of Cancer tattooed on the hand, especially on the wrist. True, not every hand placement tattoo can be considered successful. If you score a tattoo on the right wrist or forearm, the picture will help improve relationships with loved ones, have a family and build a life. Placing a tattoo on the left arm will lead to doubts on any occasion and dissatisfaction with life, and in the future will interfere with the focus on the main thing.

What colors to choose for cancer?

A person planning to get a tattoo, usually chooses some one or more shades for the sketch, based purely on their tastes. However, this does not work with the mysterious cancer, because if the colors are not chosen correctly, the magical meaning of the tattoo will disappear.

 For a tattoo with this sign of the zodiac it is better to choose “water” colors: blue, blue, turquoise. Permissible and the use of white and silver colors that will please the patroness of Cancer – the Moon. If you combine a tattoo sign of the zodiac Cancer in several shades, you can enhance the magical effect of the picture and its power as a talisman.

Tattoo sign of the zodiac Cancer for men and women

Since Cancer has a feminine energy and endows with the appropriate traits, the tattoo with the image of the symbol of this sign of the zodiac is little popular among men. If there are such designs, they are almost always monochrome, mostly black, without extra details and special elements.

 Girls often score the zodiac Cancer tattoo in combination with other elements, decorating it with an abundance of colors or small details. Especially popular is the combination of this animal with other sea creatures, floral or geometric patterns. Among female tattoos the constellation of Cancer is often found.

Style decision

Tattoo of the zodiac cancer is seldom punched large-scale, most often it is a small image of an animal, complemented by the symbol of the sign. The constellation of Cancer is a tattoo that is beaten even more rarely, interesting variants of this sketch almost never occur. Perhaps this is due to the relative simplicity of the arrangement of stars in the constellation.

 According to photos of the zodiac sign cancer tattoo, you can see that the most popular styles are minimalism, handpoke, black and white tradition.

Other elements in the zodiac sign cancer tattoo

Accompanying elements, as well as suitable colors, can enhance the magical effect of the tattoo. Cancer looks best in combination with other sea creatures. In addition, the tattoo can also be decorated with pearls, stars, coins or inscriptions. It looks interesting to combine the sketch of a crawfish with the moon and a geometric pattern.

 Do not necessarily believe that applying a tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Cancer will really bring the coveted motherhood, make you more successful or more determined. However one thing is certain to happen – there will be self-confidence, because a high-quality tattoo will certainly beautify your body and will certainly raise your self-esteem.