Tattoo of the zodiac sign Taurus

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The meaning, history and meaning of the Taurus tattoo

A tattoo on the body of any person carries not only an artistic and aesthetic meaning for its owner, but each tattoo has a certain meaning, and can become a kind of talisman. As a rule, your zodiac sign applied to the body has very great magical properties, and becomes a powerful amulet.

The General Meaning of the Taurus Tattoo

Usually such a tattoo is applied by people born under this particular zodiac sign, but this does not mean that the image of Taurus is impossible for others. For example, if a person feels a lack of self-confidence, they should think about such an image. Tattoo “Taurus” – its meaning, first of all, is considered from the side of the main qualities of his character. The bull is a powerful and strong animal. Accordingly, those people who have chosen Taurus for a tattoo on their body have a strong and strong-willed character, all their undertakings become successful, and they always achieve their goal.

In some countries, the Bull is a sacred animal. And in this case, such a tattoo will be a real amulet for its owner. It will protect him from external factors that can harm his well-being and health. Still, such a tattoo will strengthen the strong-willed character of its owner, and will carry a peculiar role of a “spiritual teacher”.

zodiac sign Taurus

Different variations of the Taurus tattoo and what they mean

Most often, when applying a tattoo, a person, with its help, wants to focus on his character traits. Interestingly, Taurus, depicted as a bull with a ring in his nose, means humility and submission to fate.

The image of the Taurus tattoo, in different colors, means the versatility of the owner’s character. But experienced craftsmen do not recommend getting too carried away in this matter. Therefore, mainly for men – these are burgundy or gray-black tattoos, for women – red or black shades. Such colors in a tattoo characterize natural passion and personify the sexual energy of its owner.

Softer in character, people born under this zodiac sign get tattoos in the form of cartoon gobies against the background of flowers, trees or rivers.

Another interesting meaning of this tattoo refers to the image of a bull, in the form of a “golden calf”. This means that its owner is mercantile, greedy for power and money. But such a tattoo may not carry such a strong meaning, but, for example, a simple desire for ordinary financial prosperity.

Choosing a place for a tattoo

Basically, the Taurus tattoo is applied to the left shoulder. It is generally accepted that it is in this place that it will have the most powerful magical power, and will become a truly strong talisman for its owner.

For men, most often these are bright interpretations of bulls with emotionality, for example, a fiery look or an animal before an attack, therefore they are placed in the most prominent places (back, shoulders), women apply either small images of Taurus on their hands or brighter ones on neck to be able to hide it with hair, if necessary.