Tattoo of the zodiac sign Leo

Tattoos that reflect the symbols of the zodiac signs seem to be the most straightforward of all. No need to look for hidden meanings, analogies and associations. But it’s not always that simple: often there is a broader message behind the symbol that represents a person’s time of birth. Finally, one may wonder why a symbol is called by one word, but its visualization in no way hints at the connection of image and meaning. As, for example, in the situation of the zodiacal Leo tattoo.

The meaning of the tattoo

Leo is considered the fifth sign of the zodiac, the permanent of the trigone “fire.” In western astrology, Leo corresponds to the period from July 23 to August 22, that is, those born at that time – the true Leo in the horoscope. Traditionally, the sign of Leo is depicted not by the beast itself, and not even his “portrait”, but the tail. This is what this circle with a curved tail actually means. It is the graphic symbol that becomes the tattoo that men and women wear, choosing to do so in the most different parts of the body.

What is the interpretation of this tattoo: unambiguously strength, power, ambition, high self-esteem. And a person who makes a tattoo of this sign, brings to the forefront a demonstration of these very qualities. Perhaps he confidently possesses them, or perhaps he lacks them and, by getting a tattoo, he is trying to attract them in his character. This is especially true for those who are serious about constellations, signs and astrological teachings.

By the way, with the sign of Leo on the body go not only those who were born under this sign of the zodiac. The graphic symbol is applied by people who seek to show their own respect for the characteristics of the true Leo, as well as those who associate themselves with it. That is, people born from the end of July to the end of August have no monopoly on the right to impose a tattoo with a “ponytail”.

Female tattoos with this symbol are, as a rule, more modest. For girls it is not so important to make them accentuated, because the lion, by and large, is a male symbol. Men, who respect the strong sign, tend if not to worship it, then to highlight it.

Ideas for sketches

Very interesting turns out to be the approach to the depiction of not the most complex symbol. Many reason as follows: the “tail” as the zodiacal symbol of the sign is in itself simple. But it depicts a very strong, dominant sign, and therefore should be given a decent design.

This may be done in various ways.

The symbol in a geometric environment. There are various geometric figures that make up a pattern or ornament around the sign. Such sketches are more often chosen by men. Both monochrome and colored look equally effective.

A white “tail” in a black circle. Simple, but conceptual. Leads partly to the theme of yin and yang. More often similar images appear in the area of the forearm.

  • Brutalism – Lion on the background of metal springs, various mechanisms and so on. This further accentuates the tattoo, as well as adds semantic load to the sign, reflects the views and orientation of the owner. Of course, in 99% of cases it is a male tattoo.
  • Sign with a crown. The crown is a symbol of power and majesty. However, many people also have the sign of Leo associated with these concepts. One fits the other, simultaneously reinforcing the message of each of the symbols.
  • A sign in colors. A more feminine version of the tattoo, because flowers are not just a theme for girls, a symbol of their beauty and blooming, it is also a sign of praise, worship. However, men also use this combination. And they have flowers in the sketch can be even larger.
  • In a crown of stars. This is both a tribute to astrology, from which the symbol itself is taken, and perhaps a search for the star path. Stars are associated with a special way, glory, good luck (guiding star).
  • Small. They can have no special design, but even mini-tattoos indicate if not on the selectivity of the owner of such an image, then on his desire to assert leadership. The peculiarity of such tattoos is that they are made in prominent places – on the wrist, on the fingers, on the neck.

It happens that the tattoo is not completed immediately. At first it is self-sufficient: only the symbol, without framing or additional drawing. Over time, the person decides to complement it – so there are flowers or a crown, or some inscription.

zodiac sign Leo


There are no strict restrictions, any style will be complementary to the sign of Leo. But there are those that can portray it in a more interesting, bright or conceptual way.

Here are the most preferred styles.

  • Dotwork. The style, whose name literally translates as “dot work,” is very interesting for its technique. A set of dots, printed with a strict interval, as a result forms an interesting and harmonious image. Such a tattoo with a Lion will choose those who consider the sign itself bright enough to do it in coloristically rich styles, because unambiguous brightness will prefer an interesting concept, concise graphics.
  • Blackwork. In this style, large black spots prevail, and the other colors are either present minimally, or not at all. A very handy style to redo old tattoos (bring them down). Some would call it crude, but that’s not entirely fair. It turns out well animalistic drawings, and in fact sometimes the image of a real lion is combined with the zodiac sign, and the combination turns out to be interesting.
  • Watercolor. A light and penetrating style, it is often preferred by girls. In fact, the tattoo in this style almost entirely repeats the true watercolor with its tenderness, transparency, subtlety. It seems that a real artist took the paints in his hands and drew something beautiful on the body with them. Game of shades, color transitions, lightness – that’s where, indeed, the original solution for depicting such a strong zodiacal sign. Sometimes they do it this way: they draw a bright orange flower, lush, rich, in the core of which the very “tail”.
  • Neotraditional. An offshoot of the old skool, which has clearly acquired a lot of color. Color decides a lot here. Images can be realistic. The sign of the Lion can only be part of a large color composition, very expressive and modern. It can be a picture of the lion himself, with those recognizable zodiacal signs in his eyes. It looks cool and stylish, and more often young men turn to such a direction.
  • Veepshading. This style is about shadows and how expressive they can be. The tattoo is applied in strokes, reminiscent of the way you can shade paper.
  • Handpoke. These tattoos are done by hand, using special tools. The style is very simple and more than uncomplicated. And the possible irregularities in it look like the originality of the sketch. If you want a small tattoo with the zodiac Leo, you can look into this direction.
  • Minimalism. Its credo is simplicity and brevity. A great style, because it will be appropriate for absolutely any area of the skin. For those who care about privacy in tattoos, it is especially good.

And this is only part of a huge number of styles in tattooing, which is only increasing. You can go off the beaten path and incorporate the Lion into an experimental style, and it will prove to be incredibly cool and cause the viewer to want to repeat the move.

Where can I apply it?

There can be no strict restrictions on where you can apply it. But there are places – at least so says the practice – where the sign is most appropriate.

  • The wrist. One of the strongest areas for tattooing in general. Because it is associated with the pulse, with the beating of the heart, with life itself in man. And the appearance of the sign of Leo here means the importance of lion traits, the predestination of the qualities declared by this sign in the one who was born under it. Or in one who has simply made it part of himself.
  • On the shoulder blade. Many tattoos that are done on the back carry a protective function (as if standing behind a person’s back, protecting them from outside aggression). The scapula is also close to the heart, and therefore this place denotes the importance of a strong sign and faith in it.
  • On the neck. As a rule, small, minimalistic tattoos are done here, but they look very expressive. And they signify loyalty to oneself, faith in one’s strength and, again, the predetermination of natural traits.
  • On the arm. All of the tattoos that are done on the shoulder (well, or almost all of them) are the loudest statements. If you can think of a tattoo as a main message, a translation of your life credo, then the shoulder area will be the most appropriate canvas for this.
  • On the leg. Around the ankle, the tattoo becomes more intimate.
  • On the hip. This place is more often chosen by girls who consider the tattoo a strong tool to indicate their temperament and / or sensuality.
  • On the back of the head. In this place, the sign of Leo looks conceptual, rigorous. It is also a loud message and a symbol of respect for the sign, which seems to lead a person through life. In this case, the size of the tattoo is not particularly significant. And it is in this place that more often appear tattoos, in which the “tail” and the crown coexist. Very beautifully such images look on the neck of women who make high hairstyles, exposing an area of skin with a tattoo.
  • On the ribs/on the side. In the case of Leo, this is also a more feminine option. Psychologists say that by applying such an image, a woman emphasizes how the sign helps to reveal her feminine essence, sexuality, passion.