Tattoo of the zodiac sign Pisces

Tattoo in the form of the zodiac sign Pisces choose for themselves people born under this constellation. Suitable sketches are easy to pick up for women and men. Tattooing options are also many, they are placed on the arm and leg, on the neck, on the wrist and other parts of the body, do a large or barely visible, repeating the pattern of the constellation itself.

The peculiarities of.

Elegant or brutal, laconic or colorful – tattoo in the form of the zodiac sign Pisces is among the most popular options for drawings on the body. This constellation closes the circle of 12 characters, and its glyph a bit like the letter H. And also the sign is commonly associated with Neptune, the patron saint of the seas, and his trident. The corresponding constellation flower is the water lily. These elements often complement the image of fish in the tattoo design.

Representatives of this sign are distinguished by a calm character. They love comfort, they are sensitive, romantic, prefer to “go with the flow” rather than move against it. The history of the appearance of this zodiacal constellation is closely tied to the myth of Adonis and Aphrodite. The goddess of beauty, bored with the elements of the sea, strolling along the shore, met a mortal young man and fell in love with him. Fleeing from the monster, the couple threw themselves into the waves, and Poseidon turned them into fish.

However, the love story, like many ancient Greek myths, ended tragically. The young man was torn apart by a boar, unable to break Artemis’ ban. Aphrodite was left alone to shed tears for her lost happiness. Only once a year did Hades agree to let his eternal captive visit her. And in the heavens, according to legend, there was a constellation in the form of following each other fish.

zodiac sign Pisces

Types and designs of tattoos

Tattoos with the sign of the fish are not too diverse. They are all conventionally divided into 3 groups:

  • with the image of a glyph – an astrological symbol of Pisces;
  • In the form of a constellation, according to its location on the map of the sky;
  • in a version with a realistic representation of a pair of sea creatures.

Despite the fact that the zodiacal role of the symbol looks quite certain, its interpretation is different. For those born under the sign of Pisces, even small tattoos with this astrological symbol are a powerful amulet. The main meaning in this case shifts to the patronage of the elements. It is believed that with this symbol on the body, people are not afraid of the water element.

For young women, Pisces can also become a sign of their natural beginning. For girls, the image of a pair of inhabitants of the sea abyss promises a happy change in his personal life, and for married women may be a harbinger of happy motherhood. For men, this tattoo most often means fidelity and love, harmony in marriage.

Given the importance and coloring of fish scales. Silver and gold promises wealth and material prosperity. Red symbolizes strength and passion. Blue and black represent virility. Often, images of fish combined with the traditional symbol of harmony – Yin-Yang.

Depending on the chosen idea sketch may include additional symbols that expand the meaning of the tattoo.

  1. Water lily. This beautiful flower with pink petals and yellow middle symbolizes harmony, purity and beauty.
  2. The trident of Poseidon or Neptune. This sign indicates the high ambitions of the person. Most often it is chosen by men.
  3. It is associated with the wide expanses of space. The stars and planets surrounding the sign of Pisces are an incorrigible dreamer, romantic, dreaming of distant worlds.
  4. Water. Ponds, waves, rivers and seas – the natural element for fish. Needless to say, it surrounds the image of these representatives of the animal kingdom more often.
  5. Month or moon. On the background of these symbols, the constellation is depicted in those contours that are characteristic of it in the starry sky.


When creating tattoos with the zodiac sign Pisces, you can use a variety of styles to do the work. Masters are ready to offer their clients design options in different techniques.

  • Blackwork. Black and white images look spectacular in a constellation format or Yin-Yang sign variant. Blackwork is universal, perfect for focusing attention on the meaning rather than the colorfulness, catchiness of the tattoo.
  • Watercolor. Tender blurred colors, lightness and translucency of the figure. In such a frame, images of aquarium fish and sea creatures, pictures with ponds and flowers look especially effective. To emphasize the aesthetics of this style help sweat and other details typical of paint work, as well as the use of 3D-effect with layers, depth of picture.
  • Oriental. Oriental style and its offshoots allow creating realistic images of the most popular fish in Asia – koi carp. Such images are bright, juicy, full color. The opulence of the East is also conveyed by the density of the painted space inside the outline.
  • Minimalism. Laconic drawing of lines is suitable for the image of a zodiacal sign or constellation. Similar opportunities are given by graphics, but it is also used to create images with the inhabitants of the seas themselves.
  • Old skool. Clear contrasting contours and fairly simple images are quite possible to create beautiful tattoos with Pisces. Except that astrologers point out that representatives of this zodiacal sign are better to choose less aggressive styles. Old skool with its rough aesthetic will suit men.
  • Linework. This style often draws images of parts of the starry sky, the cosmos, with an addition in the form of the constellation Pisces. Thin and neat outlines draw attention to the work of the master. The astrological symbol also looks spectacular in such a performance.

Color solutions

For tattoos with the sign of Pisces is characterized by the use of a fairly wide range of colors and shades. The simplest option is black and white. Monochrome tattoos look laconic and simple, well combined with different styles of execution. It can be wide strokes in the spirit of blackwork or thin graceful lines, minimalistic and light.

Colorful images of the sign Pisces are no less popular. If a constellation variant is chosen, the colors of the cosmic spectrum will be appropriate:

  • blue;
  • purple;
  • purple;
  • lilac;
  • deep dark-blue.

Places to Apply

Choosing the areas of the body for the application of tattoos in the form of the constellation or the zodiac sign Pisces, men and women give preference to different options. Among the most popular areas among women are the neck, ankle, and wrist. Here, miniature tattoos are easy to hide under clothing or jewelry. On the wrist most often display the astrological sign, it also looks good on the leg or on the hand above, on the shoulder or forearm.

Men prefer a larger tattoo, taking them to the surface of the chest, back, abdomen. If an arm is chosen for application, the image fills its surface in the manner of a sleeve. Men’s tattoos are always more brutal – instead of peaceful carps there may be menacing sharks that are out for blood. On the legs the images are always more concise, performed in a minimalistic style or blackwork technique.

In miniature, as an astrological symbol, men sometimes apply the sign of Pisces to the area behind the ear, on the surface of the feet, heels, toes. No less often the sign appears on the surface of the hand. The constellation with elements of the cosmos, planets, comets most often can be seen on the chest, with or without the transition to the shoulder.

Interestingly, astrologers advise to apply tattoos with such a symbol exactly on the leg area. The happy places are considered to be the heel, ankle, Achilles tendon. But here the tattooing process will be quite painful. The tattoo on the lower leg, according to astrologers, can enhance the emotional state of its owner. This area should not be chosen if the person is prone to melancholy or suffers from mood swings.