Tattoo of the zodiac sign Libra

Tattoo Scales comes in two kinds: one version refers purely to the measuring device, the other correlates with the sign of the zodiac. More often than not, tattoo lovers choose the second sketch and depict on the body its zodiac sign, emphasizing the date of birth and even some properties of character and temperament.

Features of the zodiac sign

Tattoo scales in the horoscope and astrology have a special meaning. Astrologers suggest that a properly chosen and placed sketch can become a talisman for a person, his guide through life. Some tattoos even help to discover hidden talents or achieve success in life.

Tattoo in the form of a Libra is recommended to score people born under this sign of the zodiac – from September 23 to October 22. Libra is usually friendly, romantic and just charming personality, they are in awe of honesty and justice. However, sometimes people born in this period can be too fickle in their views, or, conversely, indecisive.

What does the Libra tattoo mean?

The meaning of the scales tattoo can be diverse, which is associated with different features of temperament, characteristic of this sign, the interpretation of the main symbol of the zodiac and its patrons in astrology.

It is logical to assume that the scales symbolize honesty, fairness and justice. They are also a symbol of balance between good and evil, of sound logic. It is believed that the zodiac sign of Libra tattoo helps people to find harmony with themselves and others, protect them from unwanted relationships, evil people and conflicts. Also, the talisman protects from trouble and illness. Tattoo will balance thoughts, desires and outlook on life, will help to make the right decision. If in the sketch, one of the scales outweighs, it may indicate a person’s preferences in life. For example, if the heart lies on this side, the tattoo indicates the importance and significance of love and romantic relationships in the life of the tattoo owner.

The patroness of the zodiac sign Libra is the planet Venus. It also helps in love relationships and creative endeavors. Therefore, a Libra sign tattoo can help achieve success in personal life and creativity.

The element Air, to which the zodiac belongs, is also important. It rules the sign and makes people born Libra light on the rise, active and inquisitive. These character traits can be accentuated by the tattoo. Despite the fact that the zodiac element is Air, its symbol resembles parallel lines with a semicircle above them, which symbolizes the sun. Because of this, you can look forward to the constellation’s patronage and its positive influence on your life. The days will become warmer and brighter, and things will begin to succeed.

It is believed that this sign of the zodiac has a masculine energy. Tattoo in the form of a Libra can not only emphasize traits such as aggressiveness, self-confidence, courage, and balance them, make a man more calm and concentrated. The influence of the tattoo on girls is also positive, it enhances the tenderness and femininity of its owner, freeing her from indecision, mistrustfulness, and also naivety or excessive trustworthiness.

The meaning of tattoo scales can be and other, it also symbolizes purposefulness, power, desire to achieve their goals, as well as energy and curiosity.

Where to score a tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Libra?

The placement of a Libra zodiac tattoo can also affect its meaning. A drawing tattooed near the lumbar spine or closer to the liver can affect a person’s energy and help them achieve harmony. If you want to increase the influence of the stars in your life and to make a tattoo as your talisman, draw it on your forearm or wrist. No less successful location of the sketch can be considered the area between the shoulder blades, ribs, neck or shoulder. It is worth noting that the graphic image of the scales somewhat increases the area of the body, so the tattoo can make the neck massive and shorter. Large-scale drawings, complemented by other elements, it is better to score on the hip, stomach or chest.

Color scheme for a sign tattoo

If you score a Libra tattoo as a zodiac sign, you should take into account the zodiac colors of this constellation, which, according to astrologers, can attract good luck. Such for Libra are considered marine shades – blue, blue, green. These colors will help you to find harmony and equilibrium. Pastel colors attract good luck.

If we talk about other popular shades, you should mention black, yellow, red and other bright colors.

Tattoos for girls and men

The Libra tattoo is suitable for both girls and guys, and often there is not even a difference between their sketches. Women as often as men stuff the symbol of the sign, the full image of the scales. True, the zodiac scales tattoo for girls are usually supplemented with romantic subjects: hearts, chains, stars, etc. Large-scale designs with Themis or other divine characters are less popular among girls.

Tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Libra for women can also be made in the form of a constellation. Constellation scales are tattoos that always look gentle and attractive. They will emphasize the romanticism of the girl, her creative nature.

Libra tattoos for men are a way to stand out, to emphasize their determination and masculinity. Therefore, the sketches are usually chosen accordingly: bright, large, with an abundance of additional elements and small details.

zodiac sign Libra


Men’s tattoo scales are usually nabbed in strict styles. It can be a thrash-polka, black and white tradition with elements of tribal. For large and intricate sketches, realism is best.

Tattoo constellation of scales in general is quite difficult to attribute to any style. The sketch is extremely simple, and the size of the figure is not large. To tattoo was more significant, it is better to score in the style of handpoke freehand – that is not a tattoo machine, and with a special needle. Instead of the machine will work the hands of the master.

Tattoo scales for girls are usually small and neat. The style is chosen accordingly: newskul, minimalism, watercolor, graphics, neotradishinl. Interesting looks a combination of several techniques in one tattoo.

Combination of the sign of the scales with other elements

According to the photo, it is noticeable that both the usual scales and the symbol of the zodiac are equally often complemented by other elements. You can place some meaningful things on the bowl, such as a book (symbolizes wisdom), a heart (love), a brain (mind and thoughtfulness). In large-scale sketches scales hold some kind of god – most often Themis or Osiris – or a historical character.

The tattoo with the constellation of a scale is best complemented by the inscription Libra (in Latin – “scales”), to be clear what is depicted. Looks interesting and the combination tattoo with his own date of birth, geometric patterns, the flame of fire. Sometimes perform a pair of tattoos, filling the two constellations: his zodiac sign and the one to which belongs to the loved one. This option looks very romantic.

Regardless of whether you plan to score a simple sketch in black and minimalist style, or a large tattoo on the entire back, responsibly approach the choice of the master. Remember, you can’t save money on something that will be your talisman and guide for life.