Goddess Virgo tattoos for females

Looking at each of the zodiac signs in detail, Virgo is the most inscrutable, mysterious, and unusual. The earthly sign belongs to people born between August 23 and September 22. Performing a tattoo with a picture of a virgo, it is worth paying special attention to the meaning, because it is very hidden and intriguing. Each owner of this symbol on the body can put something mysterious, romantic and intimate in its meaning. Let’s look at all the most beautiful and popular options for performing a tattoo depicting a maiden.

Goddess Virgo tattoos for females

The meaning of the tattoo of a maiden

Denoted by the constellation Virgo tattoo in the form of the Latin letter “M”, with a small tail on the tip. The sixth symbol of the horoscope in the form of Virgo represents a woman with a sheaf of wheat, which carries the symbol of wisdom and prosperity. If you dive into the mythology of the ancient Greeks, the symbolism of the virgin represents the famous goddess of purity and innocence. Because of these interpretations of the tattoo carries this secret meaning. In itself, the sign of the virgin is very beautiful and clear in its explanation, which is why many people choose it as his body image. In addition, this option can be found not only in the representatives of this sign, but also in other people.

Female tattoo of a Virgo

Tattoo with a drawing of this symbol has a gentle connotation. Very often perform a drawing in the form of an inscription or grasshopper, which is considered an integral amulet of the Virgo zodiac. Such a tattoo characterizes its owner as a subtle, fragile and vulnerable nature. Figure Virgo on the body of a girl would indicate her grace, femininity, loyalty and diplomacy. When performing a tattoo Virgo, its owner focuses on all the best qualities. Such girls tend to be excellent hostesses, loving wives and mothers. Sometimes it can be a symbol of talent and artistry of a person.

Tattoo in the form of the constellation Virgo

When performing a constellation tattoo, it is worth considering that the Virgo is the largest, which is why it attracts special attention and has an original look. Tattoo with the constellation of this sign of the zodiac looks spectacular on the neck, ribs or wrist. Many people prefer to combine this constellation with inscriptions in different languages. Sometimes there are ideas with additions in the form of floral designs. This unusual constellation is a symbol of elegance and purity, while motivating its owner to be the best of the best and strive for primacy.

Tattoo with the image of a girl

It is not necessary to perform a tattoo of a Virgo with the connotation of the sign of his zodiac. Such a drawing is perfectly suited for those people who fully correspond to the meaning of the figure. The unusual tattoo is performed in the form of a traditional female face with modest facial features. In order to complement the natal design, you can use natural elements in the form of flowers or patterns.

Tattoo of a maiden in the style of minimalism

Minimalist tattoos look modest, but also incredibly beautiful. Small drawings are most often performed in a classic black color. Cute drawings of small size are most often applied by girls. A very popular solution is the variant in the form of the Latin symbol of the virgin with additions in the form of a bow, a scattering of stars or a crown. Such a picture is best placed on the neck, lower back, ankle or wrist.

Virgo tattoo in color format

Virgo tattoos in color performance look romantic, beautiful and original. Such drawings will indicate the flightiness of its owner. As a rule, colored tattoos are on the more visible parts of the body. When doing this drawing devas most often use red, pink, orange or purple.

Black Virgo Tattoos

The classic black performance of the maiden tattoo has a more common use. Such options look very harmonious and serious on the body. Most often, the classic black tattoos are performed in the form of a Latin symbol, sometimes it is complemented by various elements.

Techniques for applying a tattoo of a maiden

When performing tattoos, the application technique is of great importance. It can significantly change the meaning of the body image and fill it with a more hidden meaning. The most effective and beautiful looks picture in the style of realism. Thanks to the careful tracing of each line it is possible to accurately display the emotions and facial expressions of the girl. Another very interesting and unusual option is the watercolor tattoo, which looks like a real work of art. Those who prefer laconic and simple drawings, you should pay attention to the minimalistic astrological symbols of the Virgo. Such tattoos are performed in the style of handpoke and minimalism.

Tattoo locations

When choosing a body area for a tattoo, the first thing to pay attention to is its size. Large-scale drawings of a maiden is best applied to the chest or back, here you can even perform a plot version. Medium-sized tattoos will fit perfectly on the shin, calves, shoulder, forearm or ribs. Smaller, modest drawings are most appropriate on the wrist, neck, ankle, foot or finger.

The Virgo tattoo is secretive and delicate, so you should match its meaning. Everyone can put an individual and secret meaning in their version of the tattoo. Therefore, what the applied sketch will signify, can only decide its owner.