Tattoo of the zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini are people of the air element, who were born on May 21 – June 21. They are considered a powerful sign from the zodiac with two opposite forces, which expresses a dual nature. This is the mystery of a tattoo for Gemini people, originality.

What does body drawing mean

The symbol denotes two children of opposite characters, born from one woman, only from two fathers. A properly selected tattoo for the Gemini sign becomes an amulet.

The dual nature of the zodiac is a symbol of true harmony. Usually a tattoo is suitable for both a male twin and a woman, it means a balanced life, a desire for discovery.

Who needs a drawing

It will become a powerful magical amulet. Choose tattoos for any sign of the zodiac twins in Latin, another language that can attract:

  • health;
  • improvements in love;
  • good luck.

The main thing is to correctly determine the location, the sketch. Purposeful people choose a tattoo with the constellation Gemini.

zodiac sign Gemini

What places on the male body to choose for tattoos

Masters apply various pictures that can display personality traits. You can prick a tattoo of the sign of the twins in the wrist and elsewhere. Paired wearable drawings denote youth, continuous movement. Men prefer to stuff warriors. You can consider sketches for guys with interesting ideas.


Drawing in this place makes the character strong. A person with a tattoo of the zodiac sign Gemini on his shoulder will be able to withstand difficulties in the future. This is a great masculine option.


The forearm is an area for a beautiful tattoo of the zodiac sign, Gemini allows you to develop the gift of foresight, forecasting. Suitable for tattoos and girls of any age of the zodiac sign Gemini. It attracts restraint, rationalism.

On the wrist

The Gemini zodiac sign is pricked not only for girls, but also for men, increasing their determination. The sign improves the inner flair, helps to change the character. To protect yourself from the surrounding negativity, choose the wrist area. You can see the inscriptions for the representatives of Gemini in Latin for the correct interpretation.

Sleeve pattern

The classic male Gemini tattoo sketch will become part of the attire. This area is chosen even by brave women. So you can demonstrate the tattoo of this sign to the whole world. Best suited to extraordinary personalities.


This area is chosen by Gemini girls, who prefer complete secrecy. They make the person mysterious, protect from trouble. The tattoo that Gemini signs fill on the neck makes guys courageous and women bold.


This area is suitable as a male version of the tattoo of the Gemini zodiac sign, because you can apply a symmetrical pattern. Such a choice is sacred. The tattoo on the chest is important for a girl, regardless of her age. It helps open energy channels.


Women’s body art, extending to the sign of the twins, helps to hide figure flaws. This area contains information about a person. Choose an inscription in Latin for a tattoo. It has a positive effect on the position in society.


Body art symbolizes nobility, attracts wealth, passion. Interesting men’s sketches of any size are offered. Women are suitable for drawings with flowers or other delicate motifs. Body art with a dragon symbolizes nobility.


Suitable for those who want to hide body art from strangers. The Gemini constellation is applied as a tattoo as a full-fledged drawing. This masterpiece makes a positive impression.

Shoulder blade

If you get a tattoo for Gemini representatives on the shoulder blade, then this is a great choice for girls. This is where the energy center is located.


The value is interpreted taking into account the chosen place. A tattoo in flowers for twin girls symbolizes lightness, attractiveness. This is a way to attract attention, to express individuality.

Best Sketches

There are examples of original jewelry for girls and men. They are applied and interpreted in different ways. Tattoos for a twin are popular, for example, angels and a demon, plants, stars.

Design with stars and moon

The best tattoo with stars, the moon with the sign of a twin looks gentle. Carefully selected colors allow you to achieve an incredible effect. A pleasant impression is created, the picture on the body pleases with a special glow. Better to choose:

  • violet;
  • black;
  • pink;
  • blue.

Tribal style

Guys like this image, because it skillfully combines originality, colorfulness. Masters recommend experimenting with type, using different shades to describe personality traits, but dark shades are more suitable. A tribal pattern is applied to the male shoulder, wrist.

Women’s pictures

This is a colorful body art featuring the zodiac symbol with eye-catching colors. Such a combination attracts femininity. The best location is the neck area. Preference is given to black, blue, orange, purple shades.

Old school style for underwear

With the help of this style, you can travel back in time. He demonstrates femininity, grace. An attractive sketch is an outline in black, but pink, red details are also used.

Mascot images

For the image to serve as an amulet, you need to put the date of birth. Such sketches are the most common among people of different ages. To make the drawing more attractive, combine black, brown or gray. Girls are interested in the option with a bright date of birth.

Constellations in bright colors

Body art can be made more colorful. This technique is suitable for those girls, teenagers with an interest in astrology. The pattern is applied to the shoulder blades, in the lumbar region, to achieve a tempting effect.

Sketches in an unusual way

It is possible to demonstrate the assimilation of any elements, including water with fire. The image should be medium or large. A similar execution technique is suitable for men with a strong-willed disposition, it is applied to the chest, any area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe leg.

Small zodiac sign

The style is considered unisex and is used by girls, and even guys. Such a symbol is distinguished by its miniature size, therefore it is applied to any part of the body. Only black ink is suitable for tattoos.

Pictures of twin girls

Such pinned pictures are considered special, they demonstrate the unification of people. The execution technique is considered sensual, suitable for the shoulder, back or forearm.

Star design

It looks unusual due to the combination of several styles. The sketch looks tempting, intricate. The image contains stars, lines. They inspire great things.

Sketch of the zodiac sign with flowers

A beautiful red, pink, dark or yellow flower suits women born in June. It is stuffed on the wrist or neck. More interesting for ladies who love nature. Women, according to the Gemini horoscope, choose drawings where there are favorite flowers.

Sketches with wings

It is considered a unique body art that combines wings. The drawing demonstrates freedom, liberation. Bright ink is used for tattoos.

Constellation of twins

A great alternative to large pictures. The wearable pattern has a minimalistic design, and is applied to the wrist, rib, and back area. The mysterious constellation is popular among girls.

Execution technique

Such an astrological zodiac symbol is popular among those born in May due to the fact that various sketches have been created that do not limit one’s imagination. Strict sketches, inscriptions will do. Use just a zodiac symbol or combine with other symbols.

How to choose a sketch

Body art attracts good luck, positively affects the fate of a person. During the search, you need to take into account the characteristics of the character. Usually the choice is influenced by the location, the presence of some elements. Representatives of the zodiac hide body art.

Styles, shades for underwear

Warm colors are suitable for ladies, among which stand out:

  • green color;
  • red shades;
  • purple notes.

Men choose dark shades, classic style. Ladies like neat and strict ideas. The following application methods are used:

Gothick style;

  • black color;
  • minimalist style;
  • realistic style.

What additional characters to use

Images created according to a personal sketch are suitable. The drawing is complemented by stars, flowers, stones, symbolizing strength. Additional astrological elements are welcome.