Tattoo of the zodiac sign Aries

Unlike the other signs of the zodiac, the Aries tattoo is quite popular. And for all age categories. The desire to have a firm character, protection from negative phenomena, luck and success is not alien to young people and adults.

Picture of Aries in general and in detail can be interpreted as follows:

The minimalist image of the tattoo of the sign of Aries in the form of a “V” speaks of an inner core, steadfastness, high creative abilities.

Fancy horns are a sign of high energy potential, readiness for accomplishments.

The ram’s figure means readiness for sacrifice in the name of the idea, determination, harmony of soul, freedom of creativity.

Image of a constellation. These tattoos are usually drawn as amulets. They protect the wearer from evil, to show the right direction in life.

 Choosing a variant of the Aries zodiac tattoo, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the application. Nakolka should match the character of the person, to meet the goals of his future. 

What affects the place of tattooing

First of all, the choice of a body part for a tattoo is a personal matter of each person. Only it is necessary to determine the semantic load of the symbol and the aesthetic aspect.

 The place of the nail has a meaning. For example, a tattoo on the shoulder increases security, on the forearm increases luck, on the wrist leads to harmony. Tattoo of the zodiac sign of Aries on the hands, fingers, palms increases creativity, and the Aries tattoo on the hand in its entirety means a demonstration of strength. To updates thinking, intuition enhancement sets up the tattoo on the neck.

 Aries tattoo on the chest attracts luck and happiness. Personal life, behavior and character corrects the drawing on the side. Aries tattoo on the hip protects from negative actions. On the back indicates an active lifestyle. To find balance and strengthen self-control mark pad between the shoulder blades. Tattoo of Aries on the legs will give strength to the person, increase energy and creativity.

Choosing a Body Area for a Tattoo 

Before you score a tattoo you need to understand that it will be on the body for a very long time, perhaps until the end of life. It is possible to remove, correct drawing, but it is very expensive both physically and financially. In any case, it will not be possible to return the skin to its original appearance. Scars will remain.

 It is important to find a good master and together review the sketches of tattoo of Aries, the method of testing to determine the place of application.

To select a variant worked out some principles:

The ram in nature is not a small animal. For the padding of his image fit large areas of skin. These are the back, chest, abdomen, shoulders, forearms, hips, calf muscles.

If you take only the head of the ram, it will look optimal on the shoulders, shoulder blades and thighs.

Stylized horns can be stuffed on the hands and wrists.

The written image and tattoo of the constellation of Aries looks beautiful on the fingers, ankles and neck.

zodiac sign Aries

Aries tattoo styles and colors

A lot depends on the style of the tattoo. Aries is a clear sign. It is a ram. Most often he is tattooed in the style of realism, ie traced all the details of the animal. Often men choose a drawing of the skull of a ram.

 Beautifully the symbol is obtained in the style of watercolor. The drawing is performed in the form of a bright artistic painting. This style of tattoo of Aries is especially suitable for girls.

 Also used are the techniques of point introduction of pigment under the skin, variants of minimalism and handpoke. The last two are more suitable for women. They take up little space and do not look bulky on a fragile body.

 The color scheme for the image of a ram should also be realistic. Of the bright shades, red is allowed. Otherwise it is black, brown, yellow and other restrained tones.

 A man is born under the patronage of his star. The planet influences his life. Getting a tattoo can enhance the positive aspects of the influence and weaken the negative ones on an emotional and psychological level. For example, the value of the Aries tattoo in leveling the explosive character of the owner, increasing creativity. Only it is important to find an experienced master, choose the best option of the drawing and its application.