Tattoo of the zodiac sign Sagittarius

The zodiac sign Sagittarius tattoo is quite common not only among people born under this constellation. The centaur, a mythical animal with which the sign is associated, symbolizes strength of spirit, determination, and a desire for freedom. However, the tattoo with this image has other meanings.

Sagittarius: Horoscope and Astrology

Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the zodiacal circle. Its patron is the strong planet Jupiter, and its element is fire. Astrologers say that these patrons directly affect people born from November 23 to December 20. Thus, they are goal-oriented travelers who are open to the world and new acquaintances. Tattoo with the sign of Sagittarius can emphasize these character traits or just hint to others about the date of birth of the owner of the picture.

 Jupiter and fire are quite strong patrons, so the zodiac tattoo will be a reliable protector from bad luck, a talisman and amulet. It will give determination, fearlessness and faith in their strength, will help in a difficult moment to make the right choice.

 The sign of Sagittarius in the tattoo and astrology looks like an arrow pointing upwards. Often also stuffed a stylized or real image of a centaur, an inscription in foreign languages with the name of the zodiac, a constellation and other tattoo options.

What does the Sagittarius tattoo mean?

Sagittarians are usually people who are open and active, and just quite interesting personalities. The centaur combines the strength of a horse and the wisdom of a man. Tattoo with Sagittarius often stuffed lovers of creativity, it then indicates a philosopher, teacher, patron and reliable companion in life. Sagittarius man is inquisitive, active and passionate, interested in everything around and combines physical and mental strength. For others, the Sagittarius sign tattoo will be a kind of hint that in front of them is a strong and versatile personality.

 The sketch with Sagittarius can also mean the willingness to fight for a place under the sun, the inner strength of the person. The bow and arrow indicate that the person can stand up for himself, but will not rush into battle in vain or the first to call someone to fight.

 Tattoo sign of the zodiac Sagittarius will be a real talisman. It will protect against narcissism, will help to focus on problems, but at the same time not to take them to heart. Such a drawing protects against mistakes in business and people, makes you immediately take on important things, and not rejoice in past successes.

 In some cases, a centaur is depicted with two faces – one pointing forward, the other backward. This means that the Sagittarius is simultaneously focused on the past and the future, he is able to recognize his mistakes and plan the next steps.

 The meaning of the tattoo can also be different. Sometimes the drawing embodies the power of the centaur, his inner fire and the struggle between good and evil. The tattoo can also symbolize passion.

zodiac sign Sagittarius

How to choose a place for a Sagittarius tattoo?

Unlike most other zodiac signs, it is not recommended to tattoo the Sagittarius symbol above the waist. It is believed that the strongest part of people born under this sign is the legs. If you score a tattoo on the upper part of the body, then from a person can turn away good luck, attract disappointments and increase the influence of negative qualities (tendency to laziness, naivety) on the destiny. According to the photo of the Sagittarius sign tattoo, we can see that most often it is stuffed on the lower part of the thigh. Also, the sketch can be placed on another part of the legs, on the coccyx or even on the buttocks. It is important that the centaur’s arrow is directed to the right side, upwards.

 The place for the constellation Sagittarius tattoo is chosen according to the same principle, however, the “violation” of these rules occurs much more often. People stuff the constellation on the shoulder, neck, under the collarbone. Of suitable options can be distinguished the placement of the sketch on the foot or on the hip.


The centaur is usually stuffed in natural shades: flesh, black, brown. To strengthen the influence of the zodiac in his life, to gain strength and courage, you can decorate the drawing of the tattoo Sagittarius fiery tones, well suited and red, orange and yellow. If, on the contrary, you want to balance your positive and negative traits, use neutral shades. On the assurance of astrologers, purple, soft blue will work well for the sketch. A tattoo in the form of the constellation of the calf is usually depicted in black.

Sagittarius tattoos for men and for girls

The meaning of the Sagittarius tattoo is the same for both girls and guys. Often it is even difficult to notice the difference between male and female sketches. The Sagittarius symbol is quite universal, a neat black arrow looks interesting on both a girl and a guy.

 As for the larger ideas, there is still some regularity. Men’s Sagittarius tattoos are usually more aggressive, the centaur muscles are better drawn, and the bow and arrow look more massive. In addition, the size of the tattoo is also larger. Sagittarius tattoos for men often resemble illustrations from myth books, the centaur looks strong and quite aggressive, often complemented by a flame of fire, a graphic representation of Jupiter.

 Women are less likely to turn to such elements, preferring to depict the centaur somewhat fantasy and even fairy-tale. Tattoo Sagittarius for girls usually symbolizes the desire for freedom and independence, a creative nature. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see the sketch decorated with flowers, graphic frames, space elements.

Styles for tattooing

According to the photo tattoo Sagittarius it is noticeable that for the sketches with centaur usually choose realism. This style can best emphasize the strength, romanticism and freedom of the centaur. With this technique, the animal’s muscles, emotions and facial expressions, and other details can be well drawn. Less often use the black tradition, neotradishinal.

 For a tattoo of the constellation Sagittarius or the symbol of the zodiac, simpler styles, most often minimalism, Handpoke, graphics, Dotwork, watercolor elements will also be suitable.

Additional elements

Tattoo sign of the zodiac Sagittarius is rarely decorated with additional elements. Girls sometimes complement the symbol of the sign with infinity, stars or hearts. Men prefer the combination with the inscription Sagittarius (from Latin – “Sagittarius”). The combination of the symbol with Jupiter or fire looks interesting.

 The centaur is decorated with additional elements more often. Usually it is the image of space (using watercolor technique), a combination with other animals.

 Tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius has quite a dual meaning. On the one hand, it is a symbol of freedom, striving for its ideal, and on the other hand, the picture means and readiness to fight, in fact take away that very freedom from others to achieve their goals. A tattoo always has a special meaning for its owner. Therefore, before choosing a sketch, be sure to think about what the meaning will be carried by this drawing. This will help you decide not only on the image, but also on the small details, including the color scheme or style.