Tattoo of the zodiac sign Capricorn

Capricorn tattoo is popular among people born under this constellation. It is believed that it strengthens the spiritual connection and helps its owner to live in harmony with the outside world. The image of Capricorn helps to accumulate knowledge, symbolizes purposefulness, firmness of spirit.

 The Capricorn tattoo sketch has several negative traits, among them:

  • Craving for power.
  • Greed.
  • Excessive coldness.
  • Conservatism.

 People who were not born under the sign of Capricorn, the tattoo can shake the inner harmony, attract trouble and domestic problems. Some, on the contrary, believe that the symbol gives self-confidence and will be a great addition to the energy of the person.

Combining the tattoo with other items

Capricorns do not like unnecessary elements, often their symbols are printed without additional objects. Add interest to the drawing will be able to the patron planet Saturn, jewels, which are considered amulets: jade, ruby, agate. In combination with talismans, the image begins to seriously influence the fate, helps in decision-making, and to establish a personal life and career.

 A complement could be the appearance of mythical creatures: Pan or two-faced Janus. Pan is depicted near Olympus or rivers, Janus with his artifact – a mirror with which you can look into the past or future. Some combine the constellation Capricorn with the image of the creature itself.

Places to tattoo

The best option for the location of the tattoo will be the outer side of the thigh, because in this place the image reveals its power in full. The zodiac Capricorn tattoo is responsible for a person’s support – his support, so good places will be the knees, the outer sides of the calves, the feet.  Some stuffed Capricorn tattoo on the hand, particularly on the wrists, shoulders, neck.

The color palette of the tattoo

The constellation and image of Capricorn is often performed in the classic black color, with a dense coloring. Such sketches look restrained, but attractive. Sometimes the pattern is diluted with dark, gray, yellowish hues. For large-scale works, the color palette is not limited, because its main task is to reveal the entire meaning of the work.

Interpretation of the sign for men and women

Capricorn tattoo is suitable for both a girl and a guy. The sign is universal, will look equally good on both bodies. Men’s Capricorn tattoos are better to make angular, sharpen the ends, make rough transitions. This will make the owner of the image more decisive, give him self-confidence. Girls are recommended to smooth the edges to avoid quarrels and rivalries.

 Capricorn tattoo in the image of the constellation for men is often complemented by graphic inscriptions. Girls prefer to experiment with the stars, sometimes replacing them with flowers, other objects.

zodiac sign Capricorn

Techniques for performing the sketch

In the form of a constellation, the Capricorn tattoo is performed in the style of minimalism, handpoke, graphics. Girls like to complement the drawing with watercolor motifs. Guys use graphic fonts, geometric patterns. Capricorn’s image is stuffed with dotwork, thrash-polish, and newskool. Particularly demanding customers make a drawing close to reality.

 Capricorn tattoo can be beaten in many original ways. The drawing is supplemented with inscriptions, objects, faces of gods, performed in different styles, all depends on the imagination of the master and the customer.