Astrological tattoos: what drawings and where can you apply, considering your zodiac sign?

Beautiful tattoos depending on the astrological sign will be not only an ornament, but also a talisman. Let’s find out what tattoos to choose depending on the zodiac sign.

The tattoo is considered a very significant drawing. On what a person depicted on his body, largely depends on his future well-being, and sometimes the fate itself. The more powerful, influencing the path of life, is the tattoo, astrologically tied to its owner.

Astrological tattoos: what drawings and where can be applied taking into account the zodiac sign?

Such drawings are diverse. It can be stylization, made in the form of images of zodiacal symbols, the symbol of the year or the element in which a person is born, related drawings, etc.

In any case, such a tattoo is not just a drawing, it has the function of a talisman, a talisman against evil. However, in order for the protection to work, we must necessarily consider the location of the tattoo, on which largely depends on the sign “plus” or “minus” it will be carried, because each zodiac sign has its own sacred places.

Astrological tattoos for Aries

This is a sign of Fire, so one of the themes of the picture can be anything related to the fire, only, applying such a tattoo, invest in it a creative, rather than destructive force. Naturally, for the Aries there will be successful images that talk about perseverance, endurance, strength, because it is not without reason that we associate this sign with the bull.

Therefore, any image of cloven-hoofed animals will bring good luck, as, however, and sealed mythical heroes, many of whom are simply the benchmark for perseverance in achieving the goal. This astrological tattoo, in addition to its protective function, also contributes to the development of intuition, magical and psychic abilities.

The stubbornness and unrestrained nature of Aries zodiacal tattoo partially restrains and directs to good deeds. Especially if applied in the right place: on the left clavicle or neck.

Astrological Taurus tattoo

His element is the Earth. Hence the image of everything that grows on it – flowers and trees, any mountain or plain landscape, etc. will be very appropriate. Such harmonious unity with nature will give confidence in your strength, the desire to achieve your goals, will help maintain mental comfort, clear definition of tasks, will focus on the main points.

All astrological tattoos acquire all these qualities to the maximum if the tattoo is placed in a certain place. In Taurus such a place is the left shoulder.

Astrological tattoos for Gemini

Light, mobile, ambivalent nature of Gemini – the typical representatives of the air element, which simply need that this frivolous flutter through life and variability at least something deterred. Astrological tattoo can become just such a limiting factor, which will merge their activity and mobility in a harmonious unity with everything that surrounds them.

Putting on the most successful for this sign – the wrist – a tattoo that emphasizes the duality (the astrological symbol of Gemini or, say, the sign of Yin-Yang), you can balance the throwing “in all directions,” characteristic of Gemini.

Astrological tattoos for Cancer

Cancer represents the element of Water. Its nervousness, impetuosity, excitability can be stopped just by astrological tattoos depicting celestial symbols. Cancer is very sensitive and prone to mood swings. It is possible to counteract such a manifestation of nature by applying the astrological symbol of their sign on the chest.

In general, the choice of drawing for the tattoo in Cancer is not limited, the only requirement – it must have an unambiguous interpretation, without any implications and ambiguities.

Astrological tattoos for Leo

Fire is the element of Leo, as well as Aries, therefore, the applied tattoo will work in the same direction. The image for the king of beasts should also be chosen regal, perhaps it will be a crown, a lily or other symbols of monarchal power. The lion and all his relatives from the feline family are no less a good choice. And if you enclose the picture in a ring of fire – it will work one hundred percent.

The best place to adorn yourself is in the upper back or on the left shoulder blade for Leo.

Astrological Tattoos for Virgo

Virgo astrological tattoos are often chosen as a kind of symbol of chastity and purity, by the way, very often they apply the image of the Virgin Mary herself. Hence the image of flowers or ornamental plants is also relevant. A classic option is the symbol of the sign of Virgo, and, it can be done as an independent figure, or be a detail of a complex pattern, ornament or design. An Earth sign, Virgo can also adorn themselves with inscriptions that express a desire for freedom.

It is recommended that Virgo tattoo either along the waistline or to capture the top of the abdomen. The drawing itself should preferably be created clearly delineated, full color.

Astrological tattoos for Libra

Sliding in the air, Libra scales always strive for balance. Unlike the other air sign, Gemini, they are more harmonious and balanced, but still floating in the clouds is inherent to them.

Libras should balance themselves with a tattoo on the waist or back, imprinting their astrological sign here. In addition, suitable images will also be anything that aspires to flight: birds, butterflies, leaves, weightless parachutes of dandelion, etc.

Astrological tattoos for Scorpio

Scorpio is an aquatic sign, quite strong and superior to many in agility and unpredictability. Therefore the astrological tattoo for them should reflect their bossy and rather dangerous temper: the image of the scorpion itself will do just fine, and it is preferably to perform it in black or red.

The water element can also reflect any water creatures and seascapes. And, of course, the astrological symbol of the sign – as a separate picture, as an element woven into the overall picture, or even as a signature under it. Decorate with such a tattoo best of all the lower part of the abdomen.

Astrological tattoos for Sagittarius

Ambition and determination are distinctive qualities of fiery Sagittarians. The centaur or bow in tension, the symbol of this sign, is a very good expression of their nature and is an embodiment of inherent Sagittarius, willingness to learn new things, wisdom and at the same time adventurousness. They are ready at any time to go on a journey, so they are suitable wings and all the creatures that have them.

Such a quality as cheerfulness will emphasize even simple emoticons. In addition, like other Fire signs, Sagittarians like the tattoo with the image of fire. The most successful place for a tattoo – the outer part of the thigh

Astrological tattoos to Capricorn

The sign of the earth element Capricorn refers to quite serious and very hardworking people. Their drawing is, of course, first of all, their symbol of the goat or horns and hooves hinting at it. The reliefs of our planet or the globe itself will reflect their belonging to the elements, and it is also possible to pay tribute to the planet Saturn that rules this sign, depicting its famous rings.

The seriousness of their intentions can also be reflected in their words. For example, you can write on your body, namely in the lower parts of the legs, life values such as success, professionalism, ambition, etc.

Astrological tattoos

Astrological tattoos for Aquarius

One of the most interesting signs, which is under the patronage of the element of air, but is depicted as a person pouring water. Therefore, the air Aquarians are best suited to themes related to water: jugs and waterfalls, dolphins and just drops of water. An image of its own symbol in the form of waves, made in blue paint, will always be appropriate.

Aquarians are by nature pioneers, seekers, so it is appropriate to depict leaving in the distance road or contemplation of the starry sky. These tattoos are placed on the hips.

Astrological tattoos for Pisces

Very romantic natures, representatives of the water element, Pisces are prone to idealization, hence their preferences in tattoos: Cupid’s arrows, intertwined hearts, the name of a loved one. To slightly “cool down” their romanticism, it would not hurt to have an astrological tattoo in the form of a motto calling for action, the need to be strong. The astrological symbol of this sign is Pisces, swimming in different directions. There are many variations of their image: from sharks and whales to aquarium beauties, depending on the character of the tattoo owner.

From the fish straight to any image of the element of water, up to the trident of Neptune, which is just and controls this sign. Symbols relating to art or mystical themes are also a win-win for Pisces, as they are included in the sphere of their hobbies. Applied to the wrist, such drawings will reveal the essence of this sign in its entirety.

Deciding to get a tattoo, as you can see, is not everything. It is necessary to choose exactly the image that corresponds to your character, aspirations and, of course, the zodiac sign. Now you know how to navigate in this variety. Let your tattoo bring you luck!